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Growth in Teaching Jobs in AZ through 20262. To ensure that all certified teachers have the necessary knowledge to teach in Arizona, all applicants for teacher certification must pass a test of subject knowledge as well as a test of professional knowledge. Complete courses or pass the AEPA Exam covering the U.S. Constitution and Arizona Constitution within three years of receiving your Alternative Teaching Certificate. Results.

They must also answer a series of questions about their background. New teachers, and those who are new to the state, must hold a bachelor's degree and must meet minimum student teaching requirements. Through Twitter, new teachers can connect with him while gaining perspective on reaching young students. To deal with Arizona's teacher shortage, the Arizona Department of Education released a task force report in 2015 regarding recruiting and retaining educators. Often, candidates for licensure must have completed specific coursework during their bachelor's studies. Complete a mentorship during your first year in the classroom as required by the Arizona Employed Internship.

However, the average salary of Arizona teachers increased 4.6% from 2015 to 2018, and the shortage of teachers means qualified professionals will find plenty of opportunities in the state. Prior to your Alternative Teaching Certificate’s expiration date, you must: Pass American Board’s Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam. Most states have similar certification requirements, but some states have more rigorous standards than others. Visit the Arizona Educator Certification page to find out more, or contact the Arizona Department of Education to ask about your specific circumstances. For further information, visit, After securing employment with a school district or charter school, request an enrollment verification letter from American Board, Apply to the Arizona Department of Education for an Alternative Teaching Certificate, valid for two years.

She discusses writing for an authentic audience, how to fast-draft an assignment, and the power of paragraphs. AFT's Twitter account provides the latest news on education policies affecting students and communities.

NCES also notes an increase in education students earning their teaching degrees online; the number of students enrolled in fully-online education programs increased 1.8% from 2003 to 2012. The teacher certification process typically takes one to three weeks; however, applicants may wait six weeks during peak season. Who Can Apply: Each year, the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association Foundation awards four regional scholarships to students who demonstrate excellent abilities in education. Applicants should be high school seniors with outstanding academic records. Interstate reciprocity allows teaching students to easily obtain licensure in their home state after earning a degree online from an institution in another state. The certification unit of the Arizona Department of Education processes 40,000 services each year. To become a certified teacher in Arizona, candidates must meet set requirements based on the grade level and subject(s) to be taught. Earn Your Arizona Teaching Certificate Online, at Your Own Pace. Students often complete fieldwork as the culminating experience of a bachelor's degree or as part of a teacher preparation program. Meet the Arizona Professional Knowledge exam requirement for the certificate you are pursuing. Note that fingerprint cards for educators must completed through the Identity Verified Print (IVP) clearance card.

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