beat down: fists of vengeance walkthrough

The Lost Expedition Shooting back results in a wanted level and not shooting may kill Trevor or Weston, failing the mission. Reward(s) Be sure to take a right before opening the green door by switching the lever against the wall. But after brainstorming, Lester comes up with a plan to avoid having to kill either of them. If you have completed Cave of Dreams prior to this quest and have chosen to help Cerys, she will acknowledge your helping of, If you chase but don't catch Arnvald until his escape rendezvous point you will have to fight a group of Seamen from, Choosing Cerys is your only chance to access the nearby. Harold OG Stretch was shot while playing basketball.

He then asked Franklin to kill Trevor as a scapegoat and not participating in the Bureau Raid due to hostility between Michael and Trevor during that period. Examine the traces of mead around the crime scene using your Witcher Senses. It will not prevent other Ballas members from attacking. Do the non-headshots with low damage weapon, or Shotgun, again, Michael's ability helps. This quest consists of three paths that can all be done at a given time. Mission Objectives Note: You must have the letter from Calcelmo in your inventory for him to speak with you about the quest. Alternatively, Franklin can target Cheng's car (pre-placed Sticky Bombs, a Minigun, or an RPG - though the sticky bomb is required for the gold medal), killing him before he leaves the parking lot, avoiding the trouble of having to chase down the fleeing convoy on the highway. If the player turns to Trevor first, he will call Ron Jakowski and informs him that TP Industries are entering a transitional period and now have money coming through (The Big Score) and the Chinese problem might be taken care of.

Residents say they are in shock. Lamar then warns Franklin about the FIB agents approaching fast towards the foundry and their location, and Michael, Trevor, and Franklin work together to kill all of the FIB agents and Merryweather mercenaries sent against them in one swift ambush. He really helped combine the chaos of anti-terrorism and the mindlessness of network television into one highly successful career."

This will kill all Triad members and destroy the vehicles. Secondary quest (Trevor)• ­Take out the guards. ], [Technical Stage - Completes all objectives, registers for 24 hour update which will give the courier the final note. Gold Medal Tip: Once Stretch is dead, switch to Trevor and he should be at the top of the pier. Mr. Weston, 51, who rose to fame in the tech bubble and subsequently made more money in a host of other industries, including entertainment, the Internet, currency trading and luxury travel, recently caused controversy when he invested heavily in Merryweather, the notorious and discredited private security firm run by Don Percival. Reward(s) Trevor asks Franklin about Stretch, a long time imprisoned Chamberlain Gangster Families OG, had begun associating with a rival gang, the Ballas, while incarcerated in the Bolingbroke Penitentiary and, after being released (and after Stretch ironically killed D due to D setting up Franklin and Lamar for a previous grievance), had attempted to get Franklin and Lamar killed by the Ballas by luring them into a trap (fortunately they were saved by Trevor who had accompanied him). If he is alive Arnvald will testify and give her letter to him, however it bears no signature nor seal, if not you will only have the letter, regardless the evidence is insufficient, however her son Svanrige Tuirseach will step in and ask her why did she ask him to leave the celebration early right before the attack took place. After Trevor makes his way through the Merryweather security forces, he finds Weston hiding in a trunk near the pool. This stage can't be completed until all three artifacts have been collected. "In a sad day for national security, private security company Merryweather has announced that it has shut down its domestic operations indefinitely following another high-profile incident, this time a shootout at a foundry in East Los Santos. Report to Crach en Craite to collect your reward.

Stretched Out - Kill Stretch with a melee attack.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Trevor arrives at the cliff and informs Weston that they have enough time left for some (off-screen) "one-on-one time". Michael and Trevor's outfits are scripted in this mission. First, Lamar will radio that he is being overrun and needs help. (Michael and Trevor)• ­Go outside.

Use your witcher senses to search the hall. Only throw a sticky bomb at the Washington while Franklin's ability is active and detonate as soon as it lands. ", Devin goes to Franklin's house to tell him to make his choice, much to Franklin's anger, as Devin still hadn't paid him for.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor discussing about their targets. (Franklin)• ­Ambush the FIB team when ready.

Kaer Trolde Drive cautiously when passing Hookies as there may be several bikers that will shoot at the car. Once you are back in the castle Cerys will propose checking the cellar entrance as the "pyromaniac" must have used the same entrance, while Geralt will mention hearing a bottle being dropped. When leaving a Shade will appear and attack you. If Trevor gets too close, Haines figures out why Trevor is here (or how maybe) and orders his death, but Trevor shoots the corrupt FIB agent (either with a sniper from a far distance or any other weapon), killing him. Game Open the green door and continue further until you reach a large room with two centurions.

Lester then locates Stretch, through his phone signal, at the B.J.

He will try to run away on a horse so a chase ensues, if you manage to strike him with your sword he will fall off the horse and you will catch h. im, if not you will have to track him only to find his corpse and then be forced to search his room. Read all three.

The plan is to lead the FIB and Merryweather into a trap at the foundry under the pretense of melting down the gold there from the Union Depository heist. If it won't progress on it's own, talk to Urag again and then run outside. Once the trail ends you will find a piece of thread on the wall, Cerys will recognize the owner as Arnvald.

Stretch quickly realizes that he is friends with Franklin (he already learned about Trevor from the Ballas) and orders his friends to kill him. Pretty early in you'll stumble across a door with a blue light shining across it. Any fire spell will easily melt the ice and grant access.

Haines, meanwhile, is focusing on The Underbelly Of Paradise with some shots and good quotes. Then Franklin brings up the fact that they still have work to do, namely pick off 'friends' who either betrayed or tried to kill the trio in the past.

Because Franklin says that he has to stay with Lamar, Michael leaves his sniping position and fights his way to reach Trevor who gets back up (supposedly being knocked out, and having not been shot possibly because the agents assumed they killed him, according to Trevor himself). Michael lists Steve Haines, who had previously made the three, Lester and others commit various crimes in order to advance his own career before attempting to betray Michael to the FIB and have him arrested as the raid in the Humane Labs destroyed his career record when he was arrested.

Once inside a Ghost will call you and repeatably call for you to follow her. Trevor must make his way through a squad of eight Merryweather guards patrolling the house to get to Weston. [Alternatively] You can let Arnvald escape and you need to follow the tracks left by Arnvald's horse outside Kaer Trolde using Witcher Senses.

In SSE, shortly after finishing the quest, a message will pop up about a visage of distant chimes, which will start The Visage. They at first, seem to not have any hope of thinking of a way where both Trevor and Michael survive. Mr. Cheng, a Chinese national, was believed to be prominent in a two-way drug and weapon trade between China and the US, smuggling materials in and out of the country via the Port of Los Santos.

However be sure to melt the other patch too, as at the bottom is a chest containing Wraith's Bite. Lester then informs Franklin that Wei Cheng's son Tao used his credit card at the beach club in Pacific Bluffs; Franklin is unknown to the Triads, so he'd be the perfect candidate for the murder.

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