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At a time when Microsoft needed to prove to the gaming world that online console gaming was more than a gimmick, Day 1 Studio’s MechAssault went out and nearly single-handedly proved their point. So what exactly is Blast Corps?

Onimusha: Warlords was released during that awkward time when Capcom was still sticking with many Resident Evil conventions (static cameras, tank-like controls, backtrack-based puzzles) but hadn’t yet begun to implement Devil May Cry’s combo-based action gameplay. Well that’s a bit hard to explain but I’ll give it a shot. [7] Dlala Studios previously worked on Overruled, a platform brawler. If you’re the type of horror movie fan that was always more interested in the characters that hunt monsters than the monsters themselves, then Hunter: The Reckoning is a game designed for you.

Multiple vehicles ranging from helicopters, to bulldozers, and even Mech’s. Well we can’t have that obviously so its up to you to demolish everything in the path of the runaway truck in order to keep it from blowing up. Hey, 15 years without any real hints of such a thing tends to chip away at one’s optimism. To follow up on some of your comments, the robots handle like the character does. Similar games to Blast Corps. An extension of the attack heliciopter - the electro-magnet copter. There are a lot of other games deserving of a remake that could fit on this list. share. Also, while some of them may not necessarily have the sort of rabid fan base that would justify a remaster or remake, just remember: there have been two new Bubsy games released this decade. At the risk of sounding greedy, the recent release of Metroid: Samus Returns has got us wondering when Nintendo is finally going to remake Link’s Awakening. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The game’s mix of real-time and turn-based combat was a fine concept but was far from refined. However, Psi-Ops ups the ante quite a bit by introducing a variety of psychic powers that allow gamers to perform some fairly impressive in-game maneuvers. Even though playing online has lost much of its novelty since those simpler times, ChuChu Rocket! A pretty cool guy (well at least I think so) with over 8 years experience in the video game industry as a writer, editor, site manager and put'er-together'er of words.

And like a good Lego project, both the meticulous planning stage and the sheer chaos/fun of playing were apparent in Blast Corps and honestly I don’t really get this feeling from many other games, not even creator style titles like Minecraft.

Given that MechAssault’s biggest issue is its laughably outdated graphics, a true remake of the game wouldn’t need to try hard to successfully revive this game for a new generation. Unfortunately, Parasite Eve’s gameplay couldn’t quite live up to its narrative aspects.
What really makes the game work, though, is its character building system and the title’s world. Battletoads is a beat 'em up video game developed by Dlala Studios under supervision of Rare and published by Xbox Game Studios.It is a reboot of the Battletoads series, and the first new entry in 26 years following 1994's Battletoads Arcade.The game was released on August 20, 2020 for Xbox One and Windows platforms and on November 10, 2020 for Xbox Series X/S platforms.

While critics rightfully pointed out that Lost Odyssey’s faithfulness to old-school JRPG design is the source of its worst qualities, the game’s story and characters help make it one of the most intriguing JRPGs of the post-SNES era. There is a runaway truck that is carrying something explosive. [9], Battletoads received mixed reviews. Updated building models, sporting greatly increased detail and reflections! When Rare Replay launched in 2015, one of the highlights for many players was Blast Corps.

This cotton candy-haired, pig-tossing jungle boy didn’t get the love he deserved in his heyday, and his two games sold so poorly that the developer had to close its doors. When Microsoft acquired Rare from Nintendo back in the early 2000’s it was a major coup. That may sound like a serious step-down in quality, but ChuChu Rocket! Top 10 Retro DLC … Even worse, some of them can actually become infected and try to kill you at random moments.

Actually, co-creator Takashi Tezuka noted that his decision to start populating this and future Zelda games with mysterious characters can be attributed to his fascination with Twin Peaks. While that makes sense from a business standpoint, it’s a shame that those nearly great and criminally overlooked titles of the past rarely receive the kind of modern-day upgrade that could help turn near-classics of the past into true masterpieces.

It is a grand adventure through a mythical setting that combines elements of Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda.

5.0k comments. [3] Rare's intention was to remake classic Battletoads gameplay without the limitations of 1980s hardware. It’s nice to have it as part of that collection, but Blast Corps deserves more. The game is so fun and well made, i'll buy it. Blast Corps Reconstructed is an HD remake of the classic N64 game Blast Corps for Xbox One and Steam. It’s this resemblance (at least to me) to playing with Lego that got me thinking of how great a Blast Corps 2 could be if it incorporated level-creation elements. Use X vehicle to do Y task to allow you to get Z vehicle, for example.

Unfortunately, Western and Eastern gamers ended up mostly ignoring this Hironobu Sakaguchi (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy) designed game.
It’s nice to have it as part of that collection, but Blast Corps deserves more. As fantastic as it is to see classic titles like Shadow of the Colossus receive proper remakes, the video game industry has a tendency to only remake titles that were pretty great – and very popular – to begin with. If this premise sounds familiar, then you likely played Blast Corps on the Nintendo 64. Blast Corps (Feb 1997) Oct 1, 2008.

There’s an out of control truck loaded with atomic bombs that will explode as soon as it hits the smallest bump in the road.

How Much Do The Tools Affect Play, Bape Pokemon Collaboration Due To Launch On October 31, Grounded's November Update Will Add Deadly Koi Fish, Terrifying New Spiders, New Koei Tecmo Financial Report No Longer Mentions A Persona 5 Scramble Western Localization, New D&D Unearthed Arcana Unleashes Two Dragon-Themed Subclasses, DUSK's Switch Port Has Been Delayed Past Halloween. Hopefully, once Crystal Dynamics is done playing with Marvel, it can revive these games so the Legacy can live on. You have construction machinery, some cool mechs, and one job: Destroy everything in its path. Aside from the special skills of each character, victory in this game is achieved by firing as much ammunition as possible at every creature that comes your way. If someone were to remake this game and remove – or tone down – the game’s random battles while slapping on a fresh coat of graphical paint, they would be doing the gaming world a tremendous service by ensuring that Lost Odyssey finds the audience it should have found in 2008.

Both of Tomba’s adventures deserve to be remade and packaged together so we can finally see that colorful hair-do on our 4K televisions. Hunter’s blend of classic co-op action and horror movie style would still feel very welcome today. Additional effects (for example when destroying fences and trees). Like in the original, the player uses vehicles to destroy buildings in the path of a runaway nuclear missile carrier. The Essential DanMachi Moments. A vehicle select screen before races to let you choose the vehicle you think will best suit the race. Crystal Dynamics has shifted its focus away from the Legacy Of Kain series. Make some imrpoved and better version.

for relief. I tried to download Windows demo. He's still starting out when it comes to making online content, but aside from his writing he can found on his Twitch page under the handle SpontaneousJames. Sorry but... 95.8k. Imagining levels that are built around certain mechanics could make for an interesting meta game. Mark of Kri’s art style, music, plot, and characters are all fantastic, but the star of the show is certainly the game’s combat system.

This is one of the SNES’s greatest adventures and it would still captivate audiences today if someone could secure the rights needed to remake it using current-gen technology. Instead, there is a whole lot of dungeon crawling complimented by a real-time combat system which confounded many console gamers years ago.

Apparently, a light tap with a building is enough to set off a sophisticated nuclear weapon. It's time for the Legacy Of Kain franchise to emerge from the shadows. We’ve been seeing hints that this series may be on the verge of a comeback, but until that’s confirmed, we’ll going to shout from the hilltops that Ape Escape needs a remake. All of a sudden the house of Gates had access to some of gaming’s biggest names at the time. It’s since been overshadowed by gun-swords and strange fits of laughter, but a graphical overhaul could help reintroduce people to this under-appreciated gem. Bloodlines’ gameplay is…ok. Discussion in 'Works In Progress' started by Besus, Aug 23, 2015. First and foremost, a big thanks to everyone who has supported Crash Co. on Steam Greenlight! Posted by Alex St-Amour | Apr 28, 2020 | 0 |. The game was released on August 20, 2020 for Xbox One and Windows platforms and on November 10, 2020 for Xbox Series X/S platforms. Jamie Latour is a writer and actor based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A lot of your comments are things that the original game did. If that is the case, we’d gladly settle for a remake of the 2003 Xbox title that quickly stole the hearts of nearly everyone that played it with its excellent aerial combat, slick alternate history premise, and Indiana Jones vibes. These are just a few of the games that have been sitting in the closets of gaming history gathering dust. In short, Blast Corps 2 needs to happen. Your email address will not be published. While titles like Shadow of Rome, Gladiator: Sword of Vengeance, and Colosseum: Road to Freedom are all noteworthy in their own right, it is Gladius that stands as the best gladiator game ever made. Imagine if someone made a gladiator mod for X-Com: Enemy Unknown, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the game has to offer. The fact that Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy didn’t immediately become a universally beloved best-seller really speaks to just how many great games came out in 2004.

While that formula occasionally works in the game’s favor, it does result in some awkward gameplay moments. What a shame that is. MechAssault’s online and single-player modes both benefit greatly from the game’s intuitive action controls.

What makes that so complicated is the fact that you are never quite sure what move to make until you hear the director shout it out at you seconds before you need to react.

The Final Fantasy VII remake has fans salivating over getting to see Tifa punch fools in glorious HD. Posted by 4 days ago.

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