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you can edit your flair in the sidebar of this subreddit so people know your hardware. Any improvement is welcome, can't wait for 1.7.4 so I can't actually progress withouting using glitches. in one program that I enjoy using. People already know how to extract to a 'pc file type', but I assume they didn't push it to the download store yet as I don't see anyone that reports the performance back. Yes. I use cemuhook but i also used 0.4.1 and on cemu 1.7.4d but i can't do any cutscenes ! For sure, looks like about maybe 5 more minutes and it should be done. u/[deleted] • Mar 15, 2017. Some people reported RAMdisks improved their FPS, so maybe my M2 drives finally have a use. Fire Emblem Localized, Travis Scott PS5 Deal, Pokemon Sword/Shield Leaks & More, Original Theme for * NX Themes Installer *, Total: 4,848 (members: 234, guests: 3,752, robots: 862), (You must log in or sign up to post here. No idea why it doesnt do anything in BoTW... Yeah that doesn't do anything except getting like 60 fps in menus. Which doesn't mean us AMD users won't get support, but it might come a bit later down the road. Thats weird gives me a huge boost ... no idea why its not working for you sorry, Im getting 27-30 FPS most of the time, with 2-3 second freezes here and there, 19k Shader Cache and 1080p Texture upscaling, • Processor affinity (hyperthreading disabled), • Cheat Engine x4 Speed & 30FPS limiting w/ afterburner (optional). Both sides make excellent GPUs, and the RX 480 is a great card for the price it is. sorry but i don´t think that the gpu doesn´t play a big role because i have a 6700k too and 16gb of ram but my gpu is an rx 480 and my zelda looks like a crap and i am not even playing at 4k i am playing at native resolution of 720p. http://www.emu-france.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/cemu_hook.png. Patience is key. I won't bother updating anything til 1.7.4 anyway. Yes you are totally correct. So you know, a 2 Cores 3.4Ghz is virtually enought for this Emulator, Well I went from 10-20fps to 20-30fps which is a huge improvement so it did some magic for me, My AMD CPU too, but I can play BoTW at stable 30 fps. The only time it doesn't is when its processing shaders or whatever. You don't have to, can just overwrite the files.

is it possible that they merely changed from double buffering to triple buffering?

I have the Wii U version and I can say it didn't improve the fps...Kakariko village is still lagging like hell. This had plagued some emulators. I think processor and RAM speed are the key things, maybe even HD speed. This guide will show you how to setup Cemu 1.12.0 and install The Legend of Zelda: Botw on Cemu 1.12.0. Say hello to the keyboard that's as modular as your PC. whats the deal with that?

Good info. Step 5 – Now extract the last zip file (shader cache) and copy the “xxxx.bin”.Drop it inside the Cemu1.11.2 > shaderCache > Transferable folder Which file?

I will hopefully have a wii u soon and BotW is the first game Im gonna get on it. Yo, make sure to update us with some info! how do i recompile them? What do you mean by scene release? Some emulators will, instead of creating general fixes, provide fixes for specific games which, while making that specific game run better, is just a hack. So from what I've tried so far, it appears that I'm getting a few frames more in towns and outposts now, regular areas there is not much of a difference.

What if we paired Mirror’s Edge with a one-hit-one-kill mechanic and play it out in a gritty, cyberpunk setting? Worked like a charm. Hmm I'll try moving all files to and SSD and see if there is any difference. Much appreciated! Played ~15 minutes, saw it drop from 30 one time for a split second. Earlier this year, we reviewed the F(x)tec Pro1, a rather unique smartphone that comes with a full-blown, sliding physical 64 key QWERTY keyboard. I have the programs like WiiUHelper but I don't have the internet one that PC ATM. Pokemon Sword and Shield Cheats/Hacks/PKHex. You know chest engine breaks rivatuner (MSI afterburner) fps lock right? In same dir than v33 (mlc01\usr\title\00050000\101C9500) , replacing the files? Why not recommend the new R7 or R5? Seeing 30fps everywhere on Cemu with this patch + the H264 patch + 4K. AMD crap mate. Yeh I'm calling bullshit on the correct version no. But where do I install the update? This implies the engine is crap and had lots of optimization left to be found in it. I have a problem getting BotW to work. Did you download the EU or Japan update by chance? Cutscenes in BOTW [deleted] 2 8. To get it set up so its ready? Btw the hook does nothing to me. Like I said, I'll wait for the analysis to see what was chsnged. The game runs at 30 fps all day. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch and Wii U video game consoles. Um what? Fuck the downvoters, I'll laugh when digital foundries proves them wrong. ), interesting ... can anyone find the new patch in jnus? Such a strong CPU. So I've done all that and still just 15 fps at most. Zelda BotW received a patch that has reportedly improved performance significantly. its not useless just needs to be recompiled afaik. You don't need extra paging because you have 16GB of ram. My AMD CPU has more cores than speed, so that is the limiting factor. I'm pretty sure i replaced all the necessary files. Until I see a 167MB patch that we apply to the previous version I don't believe it. Launching today is Ghostrunner, a first-person cyberpunk parkour action game from indie studio One More Level and co-developers 3D Realms, and Slipgate Ironworks.

Star Wars! The operative and proper option for most of us in this sub. still the old files for me -.-.

Would it be "legal" for me to post "blank" boot0 / 1 for repair purposes? And do you know why my version still says 1.1.0? If you are interested in playing The Legend of Zelda: Botw and don’t own a Wii U or Nintendo Switch then this is the guide for you.

I don't know the difference between EU and US version, EU has 24 hour time and Celsius US has 12 hour and Fahrenheit. Can we install it in Loadiine just like the previous one? Join. I didn't buy it all at once. Updates and DLC works flowless if you put them in the CEMU folder, designed for that, here an example. Would get a switch but I really wanna play some other Wii U games too so... whatever. Uwizard is broke at the moment, i am doing it right and getting this error: http://imgur.com/a/so3Oq, Pm me link plz <3 Funnily enough, I just experienced that very cut scene and "glitch". When they said the PC gaming master race was glorious, they weren't kidding. It's on par with 3.2 GHz Intel CPUs. Get a real GPU for that poor rig.

This is why there is a BoTW main thread stickied to the top of the first page people, start looking before asking questions that have already been answered.

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