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Is an M-11 a good model or is that one to be avoided? An Independent Forum for Ural & Dnepr Motorcycle Enthusiasts since 2007, Post by MotoJ » Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:02 am, Post From you post i think its a dnieper kmz750 could i send you some photos? Cossack motorcycles are truly unique and reliable bikes if being treated right, and I decided to create this blog and share my vast experience and love for cossack bikes with other bikers all over the world. So, without any documentation, they copied the details of the bike. (function() { Choose your Dnepr motorcycles to get the suggested retail or trade-in value The people who own them, so here's a cheeky little selection of their thoughts. Eight years later, the Irbit factory started the production of the M-61 bike, a 28 hp motor.

The one that Dnepr has is more efficient. I've seen this motorcycle on E Bay before.It is a Yuri special that has been recycled.I can not forget that paint job.
It’s especially important for those who ride bikes without sidecars because there is a possibility to replace a reverse gear with a fifth gear drastically increasing the performance of the bike. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Those folks who use it as a solo bike, install the 10×35 FD gears or even the 5-speed gearbox. We offer bikes for sale, reviews, a free price guide and more.

Personally I can name two main reasons for this. Oil systems are also different. Dnepr is far superior in my opinion alzo, it has a much sturdier feel and build. 1977 Dnepr Motorcycle - Browse a list of the available 1977 models.
Congrats on owning a K750 Though it has only 26 HP, it’s very powerful on low RPM. If it is a 1WD it looks like an MT-11 mated to a sidecar. The KMZ plant came into being in 1950 and because the bikes were called KMZ products, they had to change the name, being called DNEPR after the river that run near Kiev. After a few years, in 1952, a modern version of the M-72 appeared. Check the picture to get what I’m saying. That’s probably the most important thing for you now. Thus the paint melts and fills the pores of the coating, which is marked. Another important benefit is that Dnepr gear box has a reverse gear (only few Urals have a reverse gear and its reliability is much worse). The DNEPR motorcycles, built in two wheel drive version, were designed by Ural engineers and used for military production. I simply can't leave it alone! I currently have a kmz k750 that I am building, I look forward to seeing what the early dnepr is like now!

(document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(hs); _Hasync.push(['Histats.track_hits', '']); In 1961, this bike had a bigger brother, the M-62 and another one, M-63 in 1963, dressed up with a new 32 hp engine. Are you thinking about getting one and have questions? I wouldn't spend more than 4500 on the top end for a running bike, kick start only is what you want because to add the starter they have to hack up to much and it just wasn't designed for it. Getting there is theatre and handling perfection. MILITARY GERMAN STYLE. Next. view all . At first, here it was produced the M72H models and after a while, they began production of the new K-750 model, which put the M72 in the dark.

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