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[Harriet looks visibly upset], [referring to Mr. Knightley]Harriet Smith: [crying] I should have considered it too great a presumption even to think of him but for you.Emma Woodhouse: Harriet, I know that he is the last man who would intentionally give any woman the idea of his feeling more for her than he does. A degree or two lower might interest me. The movie opens by introducing Emma Woodhouse as, “handsome, clever, and rich, who had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her.”.

Better be without sense than misapply it as you do. Harriet Smith: Miss Woodhouse!

Elton: For Miss Smith?

Emma; Emma Woodhouse ; Personality; Do Some Magic! Never paid her any attentions, but as your friend. It would be my great honor.

He knows that he is a very handsome young man, and a great favorite wherever he goes.

[Emma brings flowers to her governess, Miss Taylor, and knocks on her door]Emma Woodhouse: How am I to bear it when you are gone?Miss Taylor: I am going only half a mile, Emma.

I’m tired of doing nothing. Oh, do come along. [after Emma finally meets Frank Churchill]Frank Churchhill: And I beg your pardon, Miss Woodhouse, you were speaking to me.Emma Woodhouse: I merely asked whether you had known much of Miss Fairfax and her party at Weymouth. Emma Woodhouse: You would quit the abbey?Mr.

Innocence. Elton: Uh, no. [as they continue their argument over Harriet]Emma Woodhouse: Her allowance is very liberal.

You are entirely mistaken, sir. And more prudent men would be afraid of the inconvenience, and disgrace that they might be involved in when the mystery of her parentage came to be revealed. “Three things very dull indeed.” That will do just for me. And were she a woman of fortune, I would not quarrel with you for any liberties of manner, but she is poor!

[after her sister, Isabella, and her husband, John Knightley, leave]Mr. Woodhouse: You must never leave me, Emma.Emma Woodhouse: Oh, Papa. Knightley.

I must be in love; I should be the oddest creature in the world if I were not.”. Knightley: There is but one married woman in all the world whom I can ever allow to invite what guests she pleases to Donwell.Mrs. book. He comes to Highbury next week on purpose to meet with me.Emma Woodhouse: Then I hope you will bring him to Hartfield. She’s the natural daughter of nobody knows whom.Emma Woodhouse: There can scarcely be a doubt that her father is a gentleman, and a gentleman of fortune!Mr. [after Emma has invited Mr. Elton and Harriet to tea and is showing them her drawings]Mr. Elton: These are exquisitely done, Miss Woodhouse. I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control.

Oh, do come along.

There must be no recurrence to the past. Mr. Elton, page. Knightley: They are blended in her, I acknowledge. But you’re not going to walk back to Highbury alone.

She is here! He could not stand it.Mr. Emma Woodhouse.

I need not be uneasy. I have been inconsiderate, and indelicate, and irrational, and unfeeling.'

I have had a letter from my father.

Sixteen miles, twice over. Of course, as so particular a friend of Mr. E’s, I had a great curiosity to meet him. He is a tradesman, in Bristol. I cannot make speeches. concept. And she engages to laugh heartily at them all.Miss Bates: Oh.

It confesses you have long understood me.Emma Woodhouse: No, sir.

Your pursuit of Harriet has given me great pleasure, and I’ve been very earnestly wishing your success.Mr.

Emma Woodhouse: Did I tell you what Mr. Elton said of you the other day? We were interrupted, but before we were, he seemed almost to be asking me if my affections were engaged.Emma Woodhouse: Yes, but is it possible that he might have been alluding to Mr. Martin? And he aimed at wounding more than Harriet.

My dearest Emma, for dearest you will always be.

It is my party. Emma Woodhouse: Then he is the most fortunate man of my acquaintance. [to Emma; after his suggestion of holding a ball at one of the inns in Highbury]Frank Churchhill: Instances have been known of young people passing many, many months successfully without any ball of any description, and no injury either to body or to mind, but when the felicities of rapid motion have been felt, it must be a very heavy heart that does not ask for more. I shall be sure to say three dull things as soon as I open my mouth.Emma Woodhouse: Ah, ma’am, but there is the difficulty. You must sample the tart! I assured you of his attachments. Knightley: Well, I dare say he might have come if he could.Emma Woodhouse: I do not know why you should say so.Mr. [to Harriet; referring to Mr. Elton] Emma Woodhouse: I cannot have a moment’s doubt. [Emma then develops a nosebleed]. Knightley: Mrs. Churchill has been unwell for as long as she could say so. Mr. Knightley: Refused? It would do her good.

Emma Woodhouse: And have you any idea of Mr. Knightley’s returning your affection?Harriet Smith: I must say that I have. Knightley: Prejudiced? I see nobody else looking like her. I give you encouragement? adaptation did not disappoint. Her nephew is not a doctor. They will read together.Mr. Mrs. Weston: Perhaps some tea and cake would revive you, Mr. Woodhouse.

Knightley: She is certainly accomplished. But you understand me. Emma Woodhouse: We all behaved charmingly. Mr. Knightley: And what of Mr. Frank Churchill? [she leaves him her painting of Harriet], Harriet Smith: Mr. Robert Martin has offered me his hand. Mr. Elton: [to Emma] Miss Woodhouse.

It’s silly, really. These are not trivial recommendations, Mr. Knightley.

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Knightley: You would have chosen for him better than he has chosen for himself. Quotes from Emma by Jane Austen. We do not often look upon fine young men. Jane Fairfax: I believe he is generally thought so. And as a friend, I shall just hint to you that if Elton is the man that I think, it will be your labor in vain. And indeed, I did not expect much, but I had imagined him, I confess, a degree or two nearer gentility. As a Jane Austen fan, the newest 2020 EMMA. Copyright © 2013-2020 MagicalQuote. But know that I am done with matchmaking for the present. She never would submit to anything requiring industry and patience.Mrs. God knows I have been a very indifferent lover. Were she a person of consequence herself, he would have come by now, I daresay.

But I hope I am not often deficient in what is due to my guests at Hartfield. [as they are getting ready to go to Miss Taylor’s wedding]Mr. Woodhouse: Poor Miss Taylor! [crying to Mr. Woodhouse]Emma Woodhouse: I have been unpardonably vain, and insufferably arrogant. [as the wedding ceremony begins]Mr. Elton: Dearly beloved friends, we gather here in the sight of God to join together this man, and this woman, in holy matrimony.

But you told me that greater things had happened. [after Knightley finds Emma, who has been crying by herself]Emma Woodhouse: Have you heard the news?Mr.

Now that I have come of age, he has revealed himself. Jane, Jane, you’ll be a miserable creature. And he has his aunt to care for, as I have Papa.

[everyone falls silent]Miss Bates: [visibly upset] Oh. By Aiyana Edmund | On | Comments .

As I have also caused the suffering of my friend. Oh, Miss Woodhouse, you are so very kind to inquire. Knightley: Yes. My dearest friend.

[after which they kiss; we then see them getting married in front of their friends and family]. Perhaps the accomplished young woman you wish to be thought yourself.

and this woman, in holy matrimony. And is he to be rewarded with that sweet young woman. Knightley: Then I shall come here.

[to Emma; referring to Jane]Frank Churchhill: She has done her hair in so odd a way.

Tonight, he sent his carriage for her as a courtesy, and walked himself. Upstart, vulgar being, with her “Mr. Of course, had his aunt heard of it, she would have cut him off.

It is too thrilling. If he had told her simply, and resolutely, that he must attend his father’s wedding, there would have been no opposition to his going. Who can think of Miss Smith when Miss Woodhouse is near? Emma Woodhouse: It was not so very bad.Mr.

Was that not gallant?

I have been inconsiderate, and indelicate, and irrational, and unfeeling.

Mr. Elton: Madam, my visits to Hartfield have been for yourself only. Let us know what you think in the comments below as we’d love to know. Oh, well, now you are looking very sly. It’s a pity Mr. Weston ever thought of her. [Emma looks relieved]. It’s entirely unnecessary. Oh, the wedding. [after Emma has insulted her in front of the whole party]Miss Bates: Mr. Knightley, I must have made myself very disagreeable, or she would not have said such a thing to an old friend.

He thinks me vain enough already.Mr. No hairdresser from London, I think, could do a finer style. [as Emma pays a visit to Robert Martin to make amends]Emma Woodhouse: Mr. Martin, I have a confession to make. But as you make no secret of your love of matchmaking, it is fair to suppose the plans you have. I will invite your guests. [Harriet smiles and they both embrace each other], [referring to Mr. Woodhouse, who has given them a moment of privacy]Emma Woodhouse: How could I ever leave him?Mr.

And I must do my cara sposo the justice to say, that he need not be at all ashamed of his friend.

[thinking that Harriet is in love with Frank]Emma Woodhouse: He’s your superior, no doubt, but wonderful things have taken place.

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