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Annual program participation fee is $36.

For those who are not old enough to become a volunteer or paid firefighter, one avenue to consider is an Explorer Firefighter program. Proof of ability to maintain satisfactory report card average. • Scholarship opportunities.

For more information on the Explorer Program, including upcoming test dates, please see the CCFD Explorers’ site here. Don’t sit until asked to sit.

FDNY Exploring Program.

The fire service is a very demanding physical profession; therefore, if the Explorer does not show progress from test to test, they will be counseled progressively with a policy of third offense dismissal from the Program. Since he was featured on, When she graduated from our Academy on November 8, 2019, FDNY Probationary Paramedic Arallia Scullark marked a spot in history as the first FDNY Captain Vernon, Happy Father’s Day! Housed in Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, and part of the City’s small schools initiative, the FDNY Captain Vernon A. Richard High School for Fire and Life Safety is a joint program between the Fire Department and the Department of Education. Individual programs may request an additional program fee and would be determined by the local Explorer post or club.

Explorers at the red-shirt level or higher will be required to volunteer a minimum of four (4) hours per month. Explorer posts and clubs typically meet on a bi-monthly basis during the school year with the specifics being determined by the local adult advisors.

The primary goals of the program are to help young adults choose a career path within fire and emergency services and to challenge them to become responsible citizens of their communities and country. A Post is typically run by the post officers, headed by an Explorer Captain, who is first Explorer in command and usually elected annually by the Post membership.

Besides the officers, other positions include secretary, engineer, treasurer and others.

Several years ago, MFD partnered with Learning For Life to start an Explorer Program for high school aged kids who want to become future firefighters. New members are allowed into the CCFD Explorer program during open enrollment periods. Open enrollment and testing is conducting twice a year, normally in June and December. Members arriving late will be denied entrance. Fire Service Explorers may be issued professional or casual style uniforms, but are required to identify the member as a Fire Service Explorer. Fire Exploring gives young people valuable insight into the fire service profession by offering hands-on career activities. Las Vegas, NV 89146, Southern Nevada Firefighter Recruitment site, First six months as a red-shirt (ride along level), Must have been a Platoon Officer to be considered, Clark County Explorer Handbook (See Forms).

All explorer members will need to show up every meeting with good hygiene and a clean shaven. This insight will help the individual to decide whether or not he or she desires to pursue a greater role in the fire service. This fire department provides some funding, materials, gear, and a place to meet and train.

Nationally, over 22,500 Explorers participate in 1,754 Fire and Emergency Services Posts. Exploring Guidebook for Leaders NEW Most Explorer Posts offer First Aid and CPR/AED training.

Tour & Activity Plan Test day has three parts. Explorers can either volunteer within or outside of the fire department but all times must be documented. Nationally, over 22,500 Explorers participate in 1,754 Fire and Emergency Services Posts. The CCFD Training Center is located on the southeast corner of Tropicana Ave and Arville Road, across from the Orleans Hotel and Casino. PFFN Incident Reporting Forms • Emergency services coordinator


Open House Fliers The physical exam is a Pass/Fail evaluation.

Junior Firefighter Program

Council Locator Programs are flexible enough to fit in with other activities during the year to meet the needs of the host organization and the youth participants. At the academy, they will be trained on firefighting skills, hose lay evolutions, ladder techniques, salvage operations, wildland firefighting procedures, proper use of firefighting tools and equipment, breathing apparatus use, and other related … If you do not get on a workout routine prior to the testing date you hold a strong possibility of failing. The program highlights include: the National Fire and Emergency Services Exploring Conferences, ride-alongs, career achievement and proficiency awards, training scenarios, and scholarship opportunities. Fire Service Exploring (sometimes referred to as just Fire Exploring or Exploring, while its participants are called "Explorers") is one of the career-oriented programs offered by Learning for Life, a branch of the Boy Scouts of America. The Exploring Program gives New Yorkers (aged 14 to 20) the opportunity to gain valuable insight into a career at the Fire Department, while simultaneously building plans for their futures.

Second, it provides a reliable and effective means for preparing and eventually recruiting the firefighters of tomorrow from our surrounding communities.

The Fire Service Explorer Post does not train Explorers to a level of certification, but does offer correct methodology for tasks that the Explorer may encounter upon official entry into the fire service. Fire & EMS Program Guidelines

Buildings, Firefighting & Emergency Services professionals, Leadership experience and social network development, Fun and Exciting “hands-on” career experiences. IAFF Local 1908 The new member must pass a written test, pass a physical test, and complete an oral interview with advisor staff.

Explorers meet every week to study fire and EMS-related topics.

“I was an. This program is in place to instill the moral character, teamwork, dedication, and discipline required for the CCFD to be an upstanding member of the Clark County community. There are strict guidelines and regulations that must be followed for the Explorer's safety as outlined by Learning For Life and the Boy Scouts of America.

Clark County Fire Department • Improved self-confidence Explorers may be permitted to respond with their sponsoring fire department, but under Learning For Life regulations, Explorers are prohibited from performing both as trained emergency personnel and as rescue personnel. You must complete the online Interest Form (located below), which will be sent to the advisor in charge of recruitment. Please bring appropriate gym type attire with you on the testing date.

Classes are held every Thursday from 1630 to 2100 (4:30pm to 9pm) at Fire Station 82. Explorers may only enter a structure fire after the initial attack, and search. To help support this goal, the Department has created a Youth Workforce Development Initiative.

Once enough training has been acquired, Explorers can be allowed on actual fire-related emergency calls under certain conditions such as: Certain local, state, and federal laws as well as National BSA Regulations restrict the duties an Explorer can perform on a fire ground. Also, a number of adult leaders, called "advisors", are required of every post.

If you’re looking for a career in the fire service, check out the Southern Nevada Firefighter Recruitment site. Online Renewal FAQs Engineering & Technology Career Exploring.

It is designed for anyone 14 to 21 years of age. The program came about as a result of interest in a fire explorers program by area youth and firefighters and will be continued by the authority. The interview process consists of a series of questions from an interview panel. All rights reserved.

The most popular Fire & Emergency Services Exploring careers include: You get to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a volunteer or full-time Fire fighter & Emergency Service provider through firefighting training & ride alongs during actual fire calls. In addition to the captain, there are one or more lieutenants who act as second and third in command. All excused absences have to be approved by Platoon TAC Officers.

• Community service opportunities

Tip #1 SOP's Sample

Participants also develop contacts with FDNY Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics and others already on the job.

Unexcused absences are considered “No Call, No Show”. UNIFORM FOR EXPLORERS WHO PASSED THE OPEN ENROLLMENT TEST.

Career Opportunity Worksheet Addressing your advisors as Sir/Ma’am before and after each statement or answer will show the advisors the highest level of respect.

• Lifeguard

Provide a doctor’s letter of good health. The program highlights include: the National Fire and Emergency Services Exploring Conferences, ride-alongs, career achievement and proficiency awards, training scenarios, and scholarship opportunities. Tip #2 New members must attend both days. • College & Career Readiness preparation Additionally, the Explorer Program … The Fire & EMS Career Exploring program is delivered through local participating agencies such as the city fire departments & government agencies.

Safety First Tips • Shelter manager Service Hours Reporting

The Clark County Fire Department Explorer Program is a paramilitary organization, designed to simulate the experiences and expectations of the Clark County Fire Department (CCFD).The Explorers Program is open to young men and women from the ages of 16 to 21 that are interested in the fire service.

The Fire Explorers program is designed to provide fire service and emergency preparedness training while building character, teaching responsibility, and developing personal fitness.

Enhance your learning experience by participating in career specific activities.

Practice makes perfect for this test.

Walk in, shake everyone’s hands, look them in the eye, and introduce yourself.

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