fallout shelter walkthrough

Paula Plumbkin turned out to be an evil Raider wannabe, but at least she gave us the location of Vault 525, otherwise known as Vaultopolis! I guess we traded Jack for a pet, or Jack traded himself, or something! Test the weapon built from recovered blueprints. While we were spreading Christmas cheer, someone managed to track down Santa Claus. Track Coach down in the Lakeville Library. The “longer” the trips, the better the loot drops towards the end. The longer it takes, the more innocent Settlers will die, so let's dress as Warshippers and convince the Pests to bring Pestilence to War. Sounds like old sports broadcasts from before the bombs dropped. The... Google Play Store is always testing out new features or changes in the appearance of the Play Store. Using information from out undercover agent, we've learned that Raiders are holding what could very well be secret weapon blueprints. All we need now is a ring to pop the big question. The most important stat that we think is Luck, since Luck boosts your CAPS generation rate. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Last we saw, he was hired entertainment. It's your own mobile shelter! We've followed the Gobbler's trail of snack cakes to the Blamco factory. Investigate radioactive spraying incidents. While training, consider to always place at least 1 dweller inside your maxed merged resource buildings. Travel to a nearby Vault to find a potential mate. Later on when you have Med Bay and Science labs, you also want to equip those to your explorers to increase their survival capability. Follow the path of Paula Plumbkin to Vault 730. What really keeps them happy is allowing them to “get it on” when you leave a male and a female together in the bedrooms so this will help boost happiness and will recreate the population. Raiders captured and attempted to domesticate a Deathclaw. Now the scientists are in over their heads and asking for help! The path has led you to the home of Road Rash and his gang of Raiders! We have to catch them before they disappear west! Let's give them something to be scared of. Visit Vault 315 to gather information on the magical water. A frantic voice comes in over the radio. Send your Dwellers in disguise to spy on a Raider Camp! So much for the spirit of giving! Evidence suggests he may be in an old office building, so it's worth a look. Added with patch 1.5 in July 2016, the quests expand upon the Exploring mechanic of Fallout Shelter.Dwellers can be placed on quests to secure resources for the Vault from certain locations across the wasteland. If we can turn them against their Boss, the whole gang will be destroyed from within! Please note that this guide will walk you through the starting of the game, what to do during mid game, and steps to take to land on end game collection. Does the "magical" water really work or is it a total sham? There's a bounty on a Alpha Deathclaw known as "Butcher." Find out more about the alternate theory concerning the Tato blight. Herb Vest told me that people who go to Vault 31 end up missing. We need to convince the Brotherhood of Steel that the Vault is worthy enough to be an outpost! Since some quests reward you with “Lunchbox”. Let's send tough and smart Dwellers to explore a cave and see how well they do! Now they refuse to sleep, claiming the monster comes back every night to hide under their bed! Two Alpha Deathclaws have decided to make their home at the old Grotton Depot. I'll give one of my best pieces to whoever bails me out!" When you start bringing dwellers into your vault, you will need to … By. We need to meet with the group that's figured it out. Lure Pestilence to the abandoned Vault 226. Since then, a salvage team took him on a run with them to the Atomatoys warehouse, but hasn't returned. Feral Ghouls have captured a canine! They all need to die. Let's avoid a repeat of New Year's Eve... All across the Commonwealth, Tatos are being wiped out by a mysterious blight. These ways are in-house breeding or Radio room calls. Now who will carve the turkey? Get the Ghost Costumes from the old costume factory. If so, this complete walkthrough guide will help you advance through the game while having happy and Vault full of effective and efficient dwellers. Find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. Are they terrorizing the Wasteland as well? Rescue Paula Plumbkin from the Feral Ghouls! Time to bring out the big guns! It's time to meed back up with War to give him a status report! Take down the Raider Boss Bash and claim your reward. These quests are only available during the New Years'. So sacrifice some Raiders in the name of Science and take all their stuff! Search the Vault-Tec offices for information about Vault 31. ), Christmas (requires completing Vault-Tec Saves Christmas!). It is usually much cheaper to use the items rather than having to revive them after death. Nick was asked to solve the mystery of "The Quantum Creeper," a beast that's been munching on the citizens of a local Vault and stealing their Quantum. Time to go after something a little smarter: Feral Ghouls! This questline will become available after completing Vaultopolis. Oh, and this time, you can only have two people in your squad. You've gotten a lead to a supply of Weapons out in the Wasteland. In the mean time you can “upgrade” all your resource buildings to the max. Your goal is to get mid tier to rare weapons and outfits by this stage, you want to at least have weapons that deal roughly 5~10 damage or more. Help the Children of Atom recover an ancient artifact. We've picked up a radio transmission. We know he was with us before the clock struck 12, but everything afterwards is a blur. We just need to sterilize it. The Raider Boos known as "Bash" has made one too many enemies. We've got to track the beast down to end the kid's fears - permanently. Looks like that's the next stop on my hunt. We need to head there! Check in on the experiments in other Vaults. Assemble a rescue team and find the source! But they're both having second thoughts, because neither wants to live the Raider lifestyle anymore. How he got in my pajamas I'll never know". I can track him down at the old candy factory. Head out there and rescue them before it's too late! Retrieve clover samples from an abandoned Vault. This page was last edited on 7 September 2019, at 05:47. You found the holotape records of Maxson's Roughnecks, a Brotherhood of Steel team searching the Wasteland for technology. We found a note from someone named Coach, who claims he has Rackie Jobinson's Jersey! With constant war raging on in the world it is safe to know that Bethesda Games has provided a radioactive fallout simulator on mobile devices. Now it's time for some answers! Help an engaged Raider couple work through their problems. Lastly, dwellers can be “revived” with CAPS if they die on the run. After a few runs and having roughly half of your population geared with weapons. A lunatic who calls himself Mole Rat Man has been training Mole rats to attack settlements and steal their Tatos. A detailed description of dwellers and rooms will allow you to make an adequate expansion plan and assign dwellers to their tasks appropriately. Can't hurt to ask! In order to convince the Brotherhood of Steel that the Vault is worthy enough to be one of their outposts, we're clearing the Ghouls out of Vault 840. Toss these Ghouls out on their keisters! Help bring them home! Action! Put on your best threads and start kicking butt! For more details and specific strategies about having babies in Fallout Shelter, check the link. It's New Year's day... and the Vault threw one heck of a party last night. We were partying at an old Warehouse! These quests appear only after secret clues are found when scavenging containers on quests. Stop the incessant beeping of the world's loudest alarm clock. Consider cutting their exploration short too if they were able to find a weapon pretty early in the run. We're close to tracking down the Wizard! The game has been developed by Bethesda Game Studios, known for The Elder Scrolls series. You might remember in 2019, Google... App Informers – iOS, Android, and Amazon Appstore News, Fallout Shelter Cheats, Tips & Walkthrough Guide, Spongebob Moves In Cheats, Tips & Walkthrough, Movavi Photo Editor – An Intuitive Photo Editor With Powerful Features. Now it's time to end this! Refreshing beverages! The Radscorpion's creepy keeper said Paula Plumbkin went to the nuclear power plant, so that's where we'll look for her. Get answers from the Pests lured into your trap. Make sure he's not in over his head. To that end, War claims that the servants of Death attacked Vault 672. A friendly Ghoul in the nuclear power plant told us Paula Plumbkin continued her search for Vaultopolis in Vault 813. Fallout Shelter has been on the market for nearly five years now, and much has changed in the Wasteland since those early days.The game was a … We need to send a message to a friend who has infiltrated a gang of Raiders. That's Deathclaw territory now. Find the Jersey of baseball legend Rackie Jobinson! Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for gamepressure.com, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. We have to confront their leader, Confessor Alvarado, and tell him to stop these attacks, or else. Like most bullies, Raiders are usually cowards. We've received word that a nearby Vault is holding a Singles Night for Valentines's Day, and they've invited us to participate! Rescue the newlyweds from the Radscorpions. Or, you know, killed. The Feral Ghouls from the old Nuka-Cola plant dragged Paula Plumbkin to an abandoned building. Infiltrate the Raiders' hideout and sow the seeds of distrust. SHARE. But is the Vault really haunted, or is something else to blame? You've gotten a lead to a supply of Outfits out in the Wasteland. Meet up with the first Tato farmers to lose their Tatos. Will you use it for spare parts, or riding in your spare time? However, below are some of the key points to remember when starting to explore the Wasteland in Fallout Shelter. Search farther out for Coach and the Jersey. It must've been written by some really stupid Raiders, because we don't even have a missing dog. Reports are coming in from all over the Wasteland of a frightening creature known only as the Gobbler. We need to stop Confessor Alvarado and the Church of the Children of Atom before they detonate their 20-megaton nuclear device, lest the entire are be vaporized! Clear out a cave in preparation for a wedding. This is a good opportunity to validate Brother Will's claims that the Church plans to detonate a large nuclear bomb on E-Steer Sunday... Find out more about the alleged nuclear bomb. Eliminate the two Mole Rat Brood Mothers at the old dog food factory! This refreshing miracle beverage isn't so miraculous or refreshing after all, and the folks at the RobCo plant just may know the truth... Find more info about the magical water at the old RobCo plant. Quite similar to water, without water people will become unhappy and quite possibly die of dehydration so always keep these resources above the level needed to maintain them.

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