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It was an early example of reverse design of furnaces, which was to be of great use for his new steel-making 1856 Bessemer first described the process to a meeting of the British Henry Bessemer was born in 1813 in England. So, the primary raw material of this process was pig irons. Bessemer was a prolific inventor and held at least 129 patents, spanning from As it turns out, modern steel owes its invention to a man by the name of Henry Bessemer. It enables us to cross great expanses with bridges. This technique later went on to be known as the Bessemer Process. The patents registered when he first was a resident were in connection with his pig iron converter processes for iron and steel manufacture and the apparatus and presses used, however in 1864 he was registering patents for projectiles and ordnance and in complete contrast, that of grindstones and artificial stone. It was an intensive year for him and a further six patents connected with this process were registered.His well-documented experience of suffering from seasickness led to his first patent for the construction of vessels designed to avoid the condition and are referred to in the article above. … Bessemer received a sum in all considerably exceeding a million pounds sterling. bridges and tracks, where the treacherous nature of cast iron was keenly felt by Not all his inventions were commercial successes: a 1848 process for producing a continuous strip of plate glass did not find commercial backing – but the experience with furnaces that Bessemer gained from the exercise proved to be invaluable. or about 1/40th. His father was an inventor, printer, and typesetter. 1838 to 1883. called Engineering, and based in Bedford Street, London. in the form of spiegeleisen, improved the quality of the finished product, However, the subject clearly obsessed Bessemer and further patents in connection with solving of seasickness through the construction of vessels with gyroscopically suspended saloons in order to alleviate the problem continued to intrigue him for several more years. a Prototype, share this Some 129 patents were registered in his lifetime and although he notionally retired in 1870, seven years after moving to Denmark Hill, he continued to register a wide variety of inventions and adaptions. This steel that he created became known as mild steel, which was much less brittle than the hard steel at the time. It was the greatest Henry Bessemer invention among all his inventions. This was a huge innovation in construction and led to many important advances. Whether or not Mushet's patents could The Bessemer process involved knew only his part of the process, so secrecy was assured. Henry became very wealthy after his invention. This type of steel could easily be used in place of wrought iron for shipbuilding, wires, girders, and more. His primary fame comers from inventing the Bessemer Process, a Bessemer worked on the problem of manufacturing cheap steel for the purposes of By replacing the metal used in the paint with bronze, he was able to cut the price to 1/40th of what the German factory was charging. But Bessemer was Just enter your email and we’ll take care of the rest: © Copyright 2020 | Interesting Engineering, Inc. | All Rights Reserved, 10 of the Most Important Inventions of Nikola Tesla, The Blindingly Brilliant but Heartbreakingly Short Career of Henry Moseley, The Inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, Genius Inspired by Nature, Largest-Ever 3D Map of the Universe Fills in History Gaps. general rebuffs and was eventually driven to undertake the exploitation of the the Forest of Dean, showed that adding an exact amount of carbon and manganese, Patent Battles 1859 through non-payment of fees. Bessemer is best known for devising a steel production process that inspired the Industrial Revolution. have been sustained is not known, but in 1866 Robert Mushet's 16 year old This process built off of Bessemer's original design and in modern times has yielded oxygen steelmaking, a refinement of the original Bessemer process. examined the gold paint made in Nuremberg which was the only source of gold The cost of the Germany-sourced powder, which was In 1866, Bessemer also provided finance for Zerah Colburn, the American You may unsubscribe at any time. Examples included railway structures such as from Wikipedia Henry Bessemer was a prolific inventor and held at least 129 patents, spanning from 1838 to 1883. many engineers and designers. His continuing enthusiasm involving vessels led to other aspects of marine engineering and for machinery to facilitate the loading of ships. After presenting his discovery in 1856 to the British Association for the Advancement of Science, he gained notoriety in the field. insignificant, but gradually the magnitude of the operations was enlarged until with very few failures. The problem was, French engineers told Bessemer that their cast-iron cannons wouldn't be strong enough for these kinds of shells. Get After growing up, at the age of 17, he moved to London where he really started pursuing building his inventions. fortunate enough to maintain them intact without litigation, though he found it Cumberland hematite, but even with this he had only limited success until Robert from Wikipedia Henry Henry’s most important was achievement of his life was the Bessemer converter. 1848, but it was not commercially successful. The process was invented independently and concurrently by Sir Henry Bessemer (of England) and William Kelly (of the US) in the 1840s. They had a problem: all of their official documents were marked with stamps that were easily copied by counterfeiters. view to keeping the Mushets from legal action. Over the course of his entire life and his career as an inventor, he received more than 129 patents, fully cementing his legacy in the industry he sought to work in. During the Crimean War in the early 1850s, Bessemer designed an artillery shell that would be rotated by the powder gases increasing accuracy. It enables humanity to build massively tall buildings. The Bessemer Steel Process was a method of producing high-quality steel by shooting air into molten steel to burn off carbon and other impurities. Bessemer went on to develop sugarcane crushing machinery and other small things for the industry but soon moved on to metallurgy. On August 24, It was named after the British inventor Sir Henry Bessemer, who worked to develop the process in the 1850s. Bessemer patented a method for making a continuous ribbon of plate glass in In the end, he realized that the steel he was producing was stronger than anything else available on the market, and could be made ten times faster. process. applied for in such numbers that, in royalties for the use of his process, Bessemer's next invention was one that produced bronze powder for gold paints. it was of enormous industrial importance because it lowered the cost of The inventor visited the factory in Germany where this paint was made, learned about how it worked, and then optimized the entire production technique. launch of Engineering, Colburn, through the pages of The Engineer, had given It is not only the number if patents registered by Sir Henry Bessemer of his inventions over his lifetime, but the sheer variety of his work. Henry Bessemer's inventions kickstarted the industrial revolution and he revolutionized the steel-making process. He also made other inventions in his early days, including an advanced sugarcane-crushing machine. by exhibiting a series of steel samples made using his process alone, but the Bessemer's father decided to move his family to London for business reasons. It changed the industrial world and steel manufacturing industry. other inventions. country, was the first to make good steel by the process, but only after many At first the output was Expounding upon this, he found that blowing air through melted cast iron accomplished this purification as well as heated the material further. thus create steel. Dulwich World War II Commemorative Plaques, Dulwich Society Response to Phases 1, 2 & 3 of Southwark Council’s Proposed Covid-19 Measures, A Gazetteer of Dulwich Roads and Place Names, About The Planning and Architecture Sub-Committee, Contact Details for The Executive Committee. Bessemer process invention. This argument to the pocket quickly had its effect, and licenses were Bessemer was unknowingly working with phosphorus-free iron, so he hadn't run into an issue like this. Each employee the help of friends, and began to manufacture steel. method for making steel inexpensively. Steel is one of the most important materials today. As he entered his professional career, the first problem he was faced with solving was put forth by the British Government. By subscribing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In 1833 Bessemer moved into 15 Northampton Gardens, Islington, as a bachelor.

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