hillstream aquarium setup

also i'm worried i have the wrong type of algae, I have lots of algae but a large portion of it is encrusting algae immune to scraping, I recently got 6 hillstream loaches which i suspect are.

Finally, how and where would I place that hardscape and plants? log in sign up. you read and agreed to the. I have also spawned them, I really just wanted to see other people's setups. for my 29 but i'm a little worried my tank setup is lacking for these fish. For plants I have hornwort, elodea, and hygrophila corymbosa, If you are in the UK, I know my local Maidenhead Aquatics has some really nice stones and I saw some really good rock at The Green Machine. Personally, for hillstream setups, I'd go with rough water surface (very turbulent) and fairly shallow. And rhinogobius duospilus). It has been sitting in the sun for weeks. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! Looks very nice. Plus, I never have a hard time feeding any wild fish I get as they all take to the Repashy gel food easily. But when you want closer to 100% of them to become adults, then you need to modify your methods and try to figure out an alternative way. 393. Substrate is Black Diamond blasting sand. JavaScript is disabled. Archived. All Rights Reserved. No offense not really looking for info very familiar with these fish as I have kept many over the years.

What would be a good foreground plant, other than the dwarf sag? Gorgeous. I would like to get a few hillstream loaches of gastromyzon and maybe a few of Homaloptera. User account menu.

It grows in my tank now, but its not the type that the fish eat . As I suck at stuff like this, can you guys possibly do a drawing of the layout of how you would scape the tank and where you'd place plants and rocks. Slate rock is great for making 'shelves' too.

Looking for suggestions for nice foreground/Carpet plants.

LOL. Or smaller rainbowfish. Not sure why there's two completely opposite camps. 312k members in the Aquariums community. Press J to jump to the feed. Also an akysis vespa. Press J to jump to the feed. I am very likely to be setting up a hillstream tank soon, for some dwarf stitodophon gobies. Plants could work- obviously Anubias and Bucephalandra could just be tied to a rock, but a bunch of vallis at the back would be fine- I never had issues with gobies digging them up, they were far more interested in making caves under the rocks. © 2005-2019 Monsterfishkeepers.com. Too small for a small school of hillies so I’m getting a pair of gobies, just not sure on species yet, I waned some shoaling fish but as the aquarium is 30x30x30cm they just wouldn’t have enough room, My loaches would love something like this. But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. Something set up along the lines of these: The secret to setting up a better river aquarium this one is pretty cool! And yes, I want them to breed, so I'll be requesting a trio. Have a look on the internet for inspiration, if you google Takashi Amano, and be amazed at what he has done. Also a little confused since they are moving around and scuffling much more then they were in the dealer tank, where they more or less stayed still until the net came in, little worried that the are asphyxiating.

(You could set up a stream tank with these guys and hillstream loaches, gobies, minnows or danios (white clouds!) I just had all of these spare parts laying around and I bought the 20 Long during a DPG sale, so the whole thing was very low-cost. Hillstream are active fish.

save hide report. Something like that is what I plan to do, just with a few more plants! I have about 4500 litres of filtration an hour through 2 x canisters and a Fluval U4.

The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! By entering this site you declare Algae is growing well and I'm starting to put a rock or two into the main tank every few days. Therein lies the other challenge... LOL. Decor is just smooth rocks and some branches. I almost... Gold neons are the ones I want. Plants are some Java Fern and a few tiny crypts. r/Aquariums: The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! 13. That's a nice hardscape. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! The UK, there's nothing cool like darters here ☹️.

Would love to see the wood you have, I know that Maidenhead Aquatics have just had lots of Acacia wood/root delivered the other week and that is lovely wood, what I call skinny wood. The algae just grows, maybe as I have goldies and they are pretty messy fish. You’ll want to keep in mind their natural habitat when planning out their tank setup.

Regardless of what I do I'll be adding some fast-growing riparian growth in the sump at the very least, to help with water quality as well.

I think they're all gastromyzon, maybe ocellatus, zebrinus, and/or stellatus. Sorry, this post was deleted by the person who originally posted it. Add powerheads as needed. share. Indian and Southeast Asian Biotope Suggestions!

Are where I don't really know what to put there so suggestions would be useful.

Lets see everyones current set up. is there any chance that they will eat cucumber? People either say that Hillstream Loaches need a very specific setup, or that they're undemanding fish.

Stuff like that? Looks amazing!

I should probably set up with some sort of rig to redirect the output flow, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. I already have val and dwarf sag, so what other plants would be hood in this set up?

What I'd like to have us a bunch of rocks but with other interesting stuff like wood and plants, so its still natural to the fish but also more pleasing to look at, http://www.tropicalfishfinder.co.uk/news_article.asp?id=2799. i've got a few live plants, a few rocks (planning to add more cobblestone) a powerhead , airstone, AQ-70 filter. Looks good, how about if you bank up the substrate to give "hills" they could be planted with some medium growth plants. I haven't found much info on the different types. Was trying to replicate a rocky river bed and I think it’s paid off. Small batches produce larger batches as you continue to learn. User account menu.

I would like this tank with this lighting with an aquaclear 20 or 30 and maybe a small powerhead. Temperature is relative, cooler water holds more oxygen than warmer.

My varigate darters are the coolest fish I have. 13 votes, 13 comments. I guess efficient or effective could work too, but I'm a businessman. I have a filter output and powerhead on each opposite side and the sewellias I keep breed all the time. I'll pop to Maidenhead aquatics later or tomorrow and get a nice piece of rooty wood and maybe some more rocks, as well as a few plants. They always dart in and out of the bubble flow so i'm a little concerned, i had a hillstream loach (sold as a lizard fish) before when i was completely new to fishkeeping and did no research and i'm hoping not to repeat that fiasco. That place is well worth a visit . If you plan to have plants, get ones with broad leaves. I love that driftwood! Sandy substrate, smooth rocks, no vegetation. What size tank? They need it. My hillstream fish tend to eat Repashy gel foods or frozen bloodworms/mysis shrimp with the occasional zucchini.

Close. Hello all.

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