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Most of us do and if you don’t you should start taking a liking to them as you will face a big quiz type test in the form of CSAT some time from now. thanking you. Ans:- a) Only 1 Explanation:- The Seals of Pashupati Mahadeva shows a seated figure of a Yogi, probably Shiva Pashupati, surrounded by four animals – a rhino, a buffalo, an elephant and a tiger. General Knowledge (GK) 2020: Static General Knowledge questions and answers & Current General Knowledge questions and answers for Competitive exams GK Quiz preparation and Interview. 1. Courses’ Structure. Citadel mound suggest that this area may have been used for public gatherings, religious activities or important administrative activities. daily prelim quiz 5th march 2019 1st test -open for all- register here– https://goo.gl/5zwmyk 5 things you miss – if you don’t subscribe to mitrasias email: 1. quizzes in email save your 10 minutes/day by solving quizzes in email itself 2. memory games 3. learning techniques 4. daily motivation with email quiz … Harappa : The famous bronze figurine of a dancing girl was found here. Your email address will not be published. Kalibangan : World’s earliest known ploughed field ever to be excavated 2. everytime i log in it asks for password. 4.Has been awarded the prestigious Brunel Medal for excellence in civil engineering by the UK-based Institute of Civil Engineers. We have been guiding hundreds of IAS Aspirants since 2009 to help realize their dream of cracking the IAS exam. plzz do let me know. They believed in life after death 3. Hi Lazylord, I have completed my graduation through Open University am I eligible for civil services? Required fields are marked *. Select the correct answer using the codes given below: Ans;- d) Neither 1 nor 2 Explanation:- Both the statements are correct, as the question asked not correct. Sir what is the password to take the test. Select the correct answer from the codes given below: Ans;- c) 2 and 3 only Explanation:- An artificially constructed dockyard is in Lothal and the dancing girl figurine was found in Mohenjo-Daro, not in Harappa. Required fields are marked *. Every question when attempted incorrectly displays the explanation so you learn while you test your self. Ans:- b) Only 2 Explanation:- A bead-making factory of IVC people is found in Lothal, Gujarat. Know more. Political Science and International Relations Optional Booklist, Economic Survey and Budget Summary with MCQs, Previous Years Question Papers with Answers, 27th October – Editorials/Opinions Analyses, 26th October – Editorials/Opinions Analyses. Get Drishti Publications books & magazines on Amazon - click here! Password for the quiz is iaskracker (all lower case). Hence, C is the correct option. My next Question How to prepare from day one as I am working in BPO and I may get just 4 hours in evening? 8 Recommended Political Science Books for IAS, http://www.jagranjosh.com/articles-current-affair, Top 5 Public Administration Books for IAS. There is a time limit of 7 minutes which is more than adequate to attempt these rather easy but fun questions on basics of IAS exam. Legacy IAS Academy © 2019-2020 All Rights Reserved. Granaries: Great granary at Harappa measuring 169 feet x 135 feet. Drainage system: Scientific drains, covered drainage, waste disposal, house drains connected with main drains, underground drains and Soak pits. The people of IVC produced rice, cotton, sesamum, wheat and barley 2. As per notification, max age limit is 30 and OBC(3) + PH(10). It appears that the seals were also used as amulets, carried on the persons of their owners, perhaps as modern-day identity cards. Which of the following artefact of the Harappa Civilization was mainly used for commercial purposes? The Chalcolithic people know how to use bronze. As an abode of knowledge, LIA today intends to build on the legacy of its successes and continue to help aspirants realise their dreams of becoming a part of Civil Services community. hello.can u tell me cutoff for upsc civl srvics exam 2010??? @[email protected]@tahirfazal3 I expected better tahir. Division of Cities: The ‘Citadel’ mound built on the high podium with fortification. it's really innovative and interesting………. Consider the following statements regarding town planning of the cities of Indus Valley Civilization (IVC):-. There are 10 questions carrying no negative marking for incorrect answers. Granaries were a common part of an IVC city 3. After all the aim of this quiz as well as the blog is to guide and educate. The houses in the city followed the grid system which was divided into blocks. Consider the following statements with reference to architectural structures of Indus Valley Civilization (IVC): 1. Which of the above statements is/are not correct? 2. Static Quiz 7th August; June 5, 2020 Static Quiz 5th June; June 10, 2020 First virtual Trade Fair of India starts off; July 13, 2020 Static Quiz 13th July; August 7, 2020 Monetary Policy Review: RBI leaves interest rates unchanged; 1 day ago IMD launches flash flood guidance services for South Asia Ans:- d) 1,2 and 3 Explanation;- Self Explanatory, Which among the following are the unique features of Megalith people of South India are not correct? Ltd.) 641, 1st Floor, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Opp Signature View Apartment, New Delhi-110009 Tanq u sir,,,,would be pleased if the quizzes are updated…, Thnks sir, All your posts are very beneficial. Your email address will not be published. Hello my self Amrish and please play with me update quiz. The significance of IVC is the presence of an elaborate system of open drainage in all its urban centres. Fire altars are found in Lothal and Kalibangan 2. Most of these seals have a knob at the back through which runs a hole and it is believed that they were used by different guilds or merchants and traders for stamping purposes. 1. Consider the following statement’s: 1) It was found in Harappa and shows a human figure placed cross legged. The town planning of IVC was very scientific and clearly indicates that urban nature of the society. I’m belonging to OBC and Physically Handicapped(Hearing Impaired). Drishti The Vision(A Unit of VDK Eduventures Pvt. IAS Kracker is your friend, mentor and guide to help you crack the IAS exam. Pashupati means the lord of animals. As an abode of knowledge, LIA today intends to build on the legacy of its successes and continue to help aspirants realise their dreams of becoming a part of Civil Services community. Which of the following statements is/are not correct with reference to Indus Valley Civilization (IVC)? Can i eligible for appear Civil Service Exam 2012 and thereafterusing under age relaxation? Ans;- a) Only 3 Explanation:-  statement 3 is wrong as the drainage system of IVC is closed with stone slabs covering the drains. Megalith people practiced agriculture extensively. LIA, as the name suggests, is an outcome of some inspiring work in the field of Civil Services tutoring. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Which of the following is/are not correctly paired? Current GK Quiz Questions with answer and explanation. Consider the following statements with reference to the Chalcolithic Farming Cultures: 1. Urban Cities: Town planning on Modern lines with excellent system of drainage and sanitation. It is considered by many as best IAS coaching in Bangalore. 3.India has funded through a 70 %loan and 30 % grant to Bhutan. Infrastructure: Advanced drainage system, Well-arranged water supply system, street lights, Public wells, well in every house, wide Main streets varying from 9 feet to 30-34 feet, streets interesting at right angles and city was divided into blocks. Kindly reply. 2. When not in use they could be worn round the neck or the arm like an amulet. Black-and-red ware pottery was most commonly used by Chalcolithic people. The IAS Mains Pattern is Changing – Are You Prepared? Legacy IAS Academy (LIA), best IAS academy in Bangalore, had its inception with the synergies of a group of efficient tutors, which included veteran IAS/IPS/IRS officers, Academics and extraordinary tutors. Legacy IAS Academy (LIA), Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore, had its inception with the synergies of a group of efficient tutors, which included veteran IAS/IPS/IRS officers, Academics and extraordinary tutors. Construction Material: Burnt bricks and Sun-dried bricks, flat roofs made of wood. Do you like quizzes? You have already completed the quiz before. Which of the following statements is/are not correct with reference to Harrapan culture? The purpose of producing seals was mainly commercial. Get the latest preparation tips from IAS Kracker in your email. Ans:- c) Only 3 Explanation:- The burying of goods along with the diseased in the graves show that Megaliths believed in life after death and these goods might be of use to the dead in the other world. It is considered by many as the best IAS coaching in Bangalore.

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