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Es ist nicht nötig, alle Aufgaben zu übernehmen, da auch ein paar reichen, genügend Prestige zu erlangen, sucht euch also aus, welche Missionen ihr übernehmt. Again do NOT throw in the fire grenade as that will just get you killed. KotOR Komplettlösung: Korriban: In der Akademie, Korriban: Die Intrige, Korriban: Prestige, Korriban: Prestige Verhörraum, Korriban: Prestige Shyrack-Höhle.

You will now have free access to the Valley of the Dark Lords, as well as the Sith Academy. Prior to Urkupp's destruction, they were feared for their inherent resistance to the Force; Jedi and Sith alike often found their powers useless against the Dashades.

No infringement on any existing copyright is intended. Also before you talk to Uthar to move forward, you may wish to place your companions near the entrance to the Valley of the Dark Lords using solo mode. You can befriend her at this time, which will give you additional dialog options later on if you wish. Thus at character level > 14: The tomb door in the center of the burial chamber opens to reveal a Sith sarcophagus: Beyond the locked doors in the north, east and south walls, there are only alcoves containing clay urns: Return to the academy and give the ancient Sith tablet to Master Uthar to gain prestige and experience (you gain none for finding Jorak or killing Mekel): If you speak to a female Sith teacher after your encounter in the tomb: If you speak to Yuthura Ban after Mekel's death: [Go to top]← Tomb of Ajunta Pall | Tomb of Tulak Hord | Tomb of Marka Ragnos →, From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki, https://strategywiki.org/w/index.php?title=Star_Wars:_Knights_of_the_Old_Republic/Tomb_of_Tulak_Hord&oldid=805293. Diese wird aber von 2 Terentateks bewacht. Even so, on low levels the damage done is pitiful, so I strongly suggest that you don't do Korriban unless you are at least level 15, if not higher. If lucky you can take out a large chunk of it's VP in a single hit. It is extremely cold to the touch and has almost a sinister aura about it. Secret tomb on Korriban (SPOILERS) User Info: STR8UPSMURF. Euer eigentliches Ziel liegt hinter dem Säuresee (an der Kreuzung geradeaus). The Sith species was discovered three thousand years ago on Korriban by exiled human Dark Jedi fleeing Republic space after their defeat in a war called the Second Great Schism. Nun geht zurück zu Yuthura und redet mit ihr über euer Gespräch mit Uthar, erzählt ihr aber nichts von seinem Plan, sie zu vergiften. What is the best jedi class to play the game. A gruff, hard-line traditionalist, Overseer Harkun believes in the Empire and the superiority of its children. If you caused the Academy to become hostile as listed above, you will find three Sith apprentices that will question you and will try to kill you. A staunch traditionalist, Tremel is fervently opposed to the recent mandate allowing any Force-sensitive individual--regardless of heritage or background--to face the trials. Nun erhaltet ihr von ihr Gift und den Zugangsschlüssel zu Uthars Kammer, welches sich im Westen der Akademie befindet.

Ihr könnt euch aussuchen, ob ihr nach jeder einzelnen Tat oder erst nach allen zu Uthar Wynn geht und ihm von euren Erfolgen berichtet. However you deal with these two beasts once you take them out search the skeleton in the room for the most powerful lightsaber crystal available, the Solari Crystal. Eyeless, winged monstrosities that hunt in swarms, shyracks are cave-dwelling terrors indigenous to Korriban. After playing through K2 for the sixth time in six months, I have realised something about the Korriban tomb, and the vision of Darth Revan you receive there. The legendary terentatek is a vicious, tusked monster that feeds on the blood of Force sensitives. The golden age of the Sith would end shortly after his death, but the legacy and spirit of Marka Ragnos would live on within his tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

Door to Valley is at the west end of the tomb: if you want to return to Ebon Hawk or change party selection, then you need to exit to do so. Your experience helps other players. After listening to the blathering of master Uthar for 840 XP, you get to choose your enemy. It is said that the species was nonviolent and grazing before being corrupted by Sith alchemical experiments that awakened a latent part of their brains and changed them into unnatural abominations. Once you solve the puzzle the door will open, so loot the corpses and containers here and head back to the acid river. Meetings of the Dark Council are normally held in the Citadel on Dromund Kaas or in the Sith Academy on Korriban. As the lowest caste, slaves perform menial duties and backbreaking labor, and they possess virtually no rights or recourse under the law.
Once on the surface, the "slaves" sneak into the tombs; few ever leave Korriban, but those who survive are paid handsomely for their trouble.

Various different actions will earn you different amounts of prestige as listed here: Anyways report everything to Uthar for an extra 210 XP, after which you'll be taken back to your bunk. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Like the other planets once you land here you need to pay a fee, though it is considerably less here (only 25 credits), and this can be bypassed easily enough with an easy persuade check. Acolytes seeking to wield these weapons are required to begin their trials using an electroblade training sword, an unwieldy device designed to cause painful shocks to the target. Is there a way to still make Handmaiden a Jedi? Prisoner's weapon cache +1. The droid is actively engaged in its patrol route. In fact I recommend that you do Korriban last for that reason. These spheres occasionally overlap, leading to conflict.   •Upgrades Once they are dead, everyone in the valley will become hostile, as well as those inside the Academy. Clear out all of the enemies here, including a new buch of Sith and a Sith Captain near the exit. You will find it between the tombs of Ajunta Pall and Tulak Hord. It is very important, however, that you have not yet been to Korriban when you complete the quest.

As for now the people in the valley are not hostile.
Yuthura is redeemed from the Dark Side and Uthar dies, The Academy beomces hostile, and you gain LSP. Anyways there isn't much else you can do here. While many are the minions and hirelings of Sith Lords hoping to lay their hands on powerful relics, others are daring fortune hunters who come from offworld and risk conflict with the Sith. Other sources attribute their creation directly to the Sith Lord Exar Kun, who performed many Force experiments on creatures on Yavin Four. On low levels you may find it impossible to get any of your force powers to hit, as these guys have a very high innate resistance to it. melba_toast 11 years ago #2. The most difficult encounters do not vary by level, while the easy enemies do. Hulking, worm-like creatures with pincer legs and gaping maws of teeth, k'lor'slugs are among the most dangerous species on Korriban. The ramp to the south leads up to a room where there's a shyrack encounter, the composition of which depends on your character level: They all look alike, but while Shyrack and Alphas actually inflict slightly more damage than Wyrms, they have significantly less vitality. Dabei müsst ihr so vorgehen: Wenn ihr ihn jetzt verhört, erzählt er euch alles was ihr wissen wollt. With medallion in hand you are guaranteed entry. This page was last edited on 9 July 2017, at 19:45.

Side with Master Uthar during the final test.

  •Characters The elegant, powerful, and open-source mod manager, Upgrade your account to unlock all media content, To enjoy the benefits of Nexus Mods, please log in or register a new account, This mod adds a new tomb to the Valley of the Dark Lords - the tomb of Azgath N'Dul. Others, attuned to the Force but reluctant to participate, are dragged and forced to face the trials. User Info: melba_toast. All choices that diverge from the above three paths will converge with this one. Afterwards open the door to the next room and enter as quickly as possible. I am not responsible for any damage sustained to your game or computer by use of this mod. Redet mit dem Gefangenen über seine Befreiung und versetzt ihn anschließend mittels Option 6 am Computer in Leichenstarre, was euch helle Punkte und den Aufenthaltsort der von den Sith gesuchten Waffen einbringt. Typically cave-bound, every sixty-three years the shyracks of Korriban spill from their habitats every day for the entire summer. Beyond, a ramp goes up to a junction where a tuk'ata encounter awaits on the north side, the composition of which depends on your character level: The high natural Force Resistance of tuk'ata means that even a level 20 Jedi's Force powers will only breach it 45% of the time, so Force users are advised to use (Advanced) Throw Lightsaber against them. Do not copy or reprint any element of this site.

Behind the star map is a statue that contains the Sith lightsaber. This page has been accessed 60,111 times.

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