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Was replaced by JRTI above. STS-51-L was the tenth mission to be conducted on the Challenger space shuttle, but a failed rocket booster led to the shuttle's disintegration and … Chandra X-Ray Observatory. ARCTAS. Note that Omelek Island, a part of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific, is no longer in use and was only ever used for Falcon 1 launches during 2006-2009: The orbits have been abbreviated as follows. Solar System Missions. Furthermore, for boosters that have flown more than once (those with a .1, .2, etc after the number) I’ve added a flight history page summarizing this information. This is a list of the 42 (and counting) space missions to the planet Venus. The following list contains all SpaceX …

Apollo. Deep Impact.

These pages are linked from the table below by clicking on the booster number. B5 B1047.1), the second “.2” and so on, to track the number of uses of it.

(*) The Amos-6 mission was lost when the Falcon 9 exploded on the launchpad at Cape Canaveral on 01 Sep 2016, 13:07 UTC. Aquarius.

To save space, I have abbreviated the launch locations, orbits and booster landing locations. LZ1 = Landing Zone 1, Cape Canaveral, Florida, LZ2 = Landing Zone 2, Cape Canaveral, Florida, LZ4 = Landing Zone 4, Vandenberg AFB, California, OCISLY = Autonomous drone ship “Of Course I Still Love You”. Dawn. BARREL. Profiles of all five orbiters at launch. Analog Missions. 2.2 1971–1980. SpaceX Missions Summary. As of 2018, the Soviet Union, United States, European Space Agency and Japan have conducted missions to Venus. The Planetary Society is committed to increasing discoveries about the worlds of our solar system and beyond. Flight numbering. The date & time shown here is when the launch was scheduled to take place.

EPOXI. AIM. NASA Missions A-Z. The launch locations have been abbreviated as follows. Missions to Venus constitute part of the exploration of Venus.

Cassini-Huygens. Click on the mission name to see this. Comets. 2.5 2001–2010.

Canceled … 2.3 1981–1990. Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Osiris-REX.

List. Learn more about the world's current and future space missions, and find out how you can get involved.

The following list contains all SpaceX missions, in descending order of launch date. VAFB SLC-4E = Vandenberg Air Force Base, Space Launch Complex 4E, California. CINDI. 2.1 1961–1970. Apollo-Soyuz. Aqua.

JRTI = Autonomous drone ship “Just Read The Instructions”. ( Back to Top) C. CALIPSO.

Date Mission success Country/organization Mission name Ref(s) 1903 Inspired by the writings of Jules Verne, first serious work published that showed physical space exploration was theoretically possible: Исследование мировых пространств реактивными приборами (The Exploration of Cosmic Space by Means of Reaction Devices) Clementine.

For each mission in this table I have added a summary page with additional details, including mission patch and SpaceX webcast. Artemis Program (Human Spaceflight — Moon to Mars) ARTEMIS and THEMIS ... B.

JRTI-O = The original autonomous drone ship “Just Read The Instructions”. Mission Type Legend Mission to … Also, if a booster is used more than once, the first flight is appended with “.1” (e.g. Shuttle flights. 2.4 1991–2000. Asteroids. • Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment (ATREX) – five consecutive launches, 80 seconds apart on March 27, 2012, studied the high-altitude jet stream. KSC LC-39A = Kennedy Space Center, Launch Complex 39-A, Florida (the same one used during the Apollo moon landings). At some point in the future I’ll include some more details on these types of orbits, but for now I’m just stating their names: The booster landing locations have been abbreviated as follows (note there is currently no landing zone 3): CCAFS SLC-40 = Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Space Launch Complex 40, Florida. Asteroid Redirect Initiative.

ACE. A. CHAMP. These are explained in the footnotes at the bottom of this page.

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