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With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Metal Slug Animations animated GIFs to your conversations. As like all of the Metal Slug games, Metal Slug 5 has tons of unused sprites, but these are all easier to see, what with the sprite viewers built into the game. Look to be mere background details meant for the final mission. Burning: Death caused by getting hit by fire or falling into a pool of lava. 5:2, and In all its majesty. Considering the Flame Shot is unused, you can't see the enemies burn without complicated needs, like destroying them on their bikes, and such. Yep, they forgot to get this bad boy as an item you can use without access to unused areas and test stages.

There's also a longer one, not pictured. Who knows what these were for? Big thanks to @neokyiser for this trivia! One can only assume this boss prefaced the big demon thing, but any other details are fuzzy. Otto flees to protect Eri after sensing she is going to die protecting him, so Sharl informs the Eri and Fio that lycanthropes are her race's enemy and that they must die before she leaves to chase after him. Not all the clones died so simply, however, with most of the surviving clones being corrupted into zombies in the process. Geometry Dash • Sounds like you were prevented from using weaponry in certain areas ala Metal Slug: 1st and 2nd Mission, perhaps. Eri has Fio's close-range attacks here. Rocket Knight • The fat character walking and retrieving the pistol. Apparently the van was to have a mounted cannon on top! There's even animations of the characters inside spinning, but I've no idea what this would've been used for. No way man. If they are hit by an hostile object, the character's will seemingly 'pop' into nothing after this. They will hit the ground but will simply disappear in green liquid, instead of where they land with their rear facing the screen and their shorts melt off, revealing their butt. So, the stone turtle. FEZ • One of the fat characters could probably use this necklace as a belt or something. okay,I was just playing metal slug anthology a few days ago,when I decided to play #1.I was almost at the last level,when I blew this wall down in the background.I look inside,and I see a (posibly) dead chick leaning over the bar was a background element,so it wasen't very clear. To see these, use the level select to go to areas 3: D T_5 and 3: E T_6; T_5 shows all of the sprites’ frames, but T_6 shows them animated, and has more than T_5. RFZ9000 found the helicopter using that gun from Morden's copter. Aug 18, 2019, 12:07 AM. Metal Slug Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. She warns her that she has no quarrel with them, stating that she's here for Otto. Likely a piece of debris from a destroyed piece of machinery. Metroid • GLEN ACHILLES!!! Click the character for the sheet you want. The male's body will lie upside down after being killed underwater, whereas the female's body will lie downside up. See Missing Areas for bits I've yet to find the graphics coordinates of, particularly | items With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Metal Slug Gif animated GIFs to your conversations. Her leadership skills were discovered by the Government Forces Intelligence Agency, who gave her special training as a spy. The player stumbles down and lays on the ground. Cheers to Division 六 for this finding. VVVVVV • Apparently the Slug Mobile shot it's rockets out of it's front, instead of through the wind screen. Pink zombies! | backgrounds Wrecked while facing side-on. Its normal attack is its acid spit, and special attack is hiding in its shell, which will make it immune to all forms of attacks for a few seconds but renders it immobile, unlike the Shielded Soldier and Shielded Guerilla units.

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