milk or curd which is better for skin

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They are just different names for the same thing as curd in India and yogurt in America. The curd will help to repair dry and damaged hair, it will provide moisture to the strands and making them conditioned.

Curd contains high acidic substances like vinegar and lemon juice, making it antibacterial and antifungal to protect your skin from various problems.

cancer, Men Vs Women: 5 ways their weight loss journey should differ, Lockdown weight loss: "Here's how I lost 19 kilos", Image and transformation coach Tamanna Pasha's tips to find happiness, Have immense pain in your shoulder blade? Instead of trying other chemical-rich beauty products, you should rely on curd to enhance your beauty and get glowing skin. Why does the semen flow out of the vagina after intercourse?


Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. However, do not use whole-fat milk or milk cream because its fat content might insulate the sunburn hindering the loss of heat. Ultraviolet rays of the sun damage the skin lining causing redness and blisters. Some patients' brains may age 10 years, COVID-19 damages heart in different ways, more men likely to face death risk, Pfizer not yet ready to release COVID-19 vaccine data, Coronavirus vaccine update: Why Oxford-Astrazeneca's safe immune response for the elderlies is good news for the world, #EtimesSuaveMen: Five ways men can experiment with scarves. Dandruff is a cause of fungus; it can make your skin flaky which causes dandruff and hair fall. 4.

You can apply curd on your hair to get rid of dandruff Mash the banana and mix it with curd and honey.
We have a panel of over 350 experts who help us develop content by giving their valuable inputs and bringing to us the latest in the world of healthcare. Yes curd is very good for skin.

You can use the by-product of milk, clarified butter (Ghee) as a moisturiser for dry skin on your face and body.Ghee is also the best home remedy for chapped lips as detailed in this article, Dermatologist Recommended Natural Cure For Chronic … Milk is known to build healthy bones and keep a check on high blood pressure due to the potassium content in it. How to wash my face with milk?". 20 minute hardcore dumbbell shred & shape, [Gym] Leg Training (voice-over with tips), Why Indians are holidaying in places you've never heard of. Our body can receive proper minerals and vitamins with this everyday dairy product.

It is another common hair problem that can be easily countered by using curd. ................... Advertisement ................... Too Much Salt In Your Diet Can Weaken Your Immune System, Coronavirus: UN Chief Warns Of Losing COVID-19 War, Taking Hot Bath Daily Good For Your Heart, Post Lockdown, Rise In Mercury May Prevent Spread Of COVID-19 In India: Microbiologists, Eat Tofu Daily And Cut Your Heart Disease Risk; Know Other Health Benefits, Apple Cider Vinegar: Know The Health Benefits And Uses, Running For Weight Loss: A Beginner's Guide, Hormones That Can Affect Your Weight Loss Goals, All The Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Curd Every Day, Skincare: Know Benefits Probiotics For Your Skin; Here's How You Can Prepare Curd Face Pack, Dandruff Control: Know The Causes And Most Effective Time-Tested Remedies, Curd Vs Milk: Which Is Better For Weight Loss?

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