moors in england othello

For instance, Othello catches Bianca, Cassio’s lover, with his handkerchief (. When Iago reminds Othello that Desdemona ‘did deceive her father, marrying you’ (3.3.206) as proof of her capacity to hoodwink her husband too, he’s merely echoing the parting words with which Brabantio sought to sow the same seeds of suspicion in Othello’s mind in Act 1: ‘Look to her, Moor, if thou hast eyes to see; / She has deceived her father, and may thee’ (1.3.292-3). i. Although Othello is considered as the Moor but its characterisation was not clear in the play. Othello judges Desdemona to be cheating quickly because he is completely jealous. Study Purpose is where the professionals community meets. Undeterred by the paternal wrath and widespread disapproval they are bound to incur, Othello and Desdemona act as if a black man from Africa and an upper-class white woman from Venice have every right to fall in love, marry and be left to live happily together. In this period, handkerchiefs were exchanged as lovers’ gifts and displayed as fashion accessories. . In case of Othello, it has become a challenge as to address Orientalist discourses of Moors during the period of Renaissance England. To grasp that fact is to pluck out the heart of Iago’s mystery, which is dispelled by the realisation that his malignity is not a monstrous deviation from the Venetian norm but its mirror image. Is Othello an Orientalist text? Although none of them is as consumed by jealousy as Othello, all these characters fall prey like him to ‘the green-eyed monster’ (3.3.166) that stalks any society in which the sexual desire of one human being is regarded as the property of another. As a result, Othello and Desdemona find unleashed upon them, in the shape of Iago, the venomous rage of a society whose foundations are rocked by the mere fact of their marriage. Othello is shown to fit under the typecast of a Moor because he is jealous and passionate, two key traits of a Moor. Answer this question, and use evidence from the text to support your argument. Is Othello an Orientalist text? It warns against putting your trust in friends or giving into ‘idle jelousie’. Does it challenge or reproduce Orientalise discourses of Moors during Renaissance England-- or both? Usage terms © Victoria and Albert Museum, LondonHeld by© Victoria and Albert Museum. Roderigo derides Othello too as ‘the thick-lips’ (1.1.66), while Brabantio, in his public confrontation with Othello, finds it inconceivable that his daughter should desire to ‘Run from her guardage to the sooty bosom / Of such a thing as thou’ (1.2.70–1) without being drugged or bewitched.

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