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His most important opinion of the term came in a case that was seen as an opening salvo in the war over the “administrative state.” Conservatives have sought to rein in federal regulators, including the Environmental Protection Agency. There’s still a principles argument. Given the tendency of the Court to write inconvenient provisions out of the Constitution, Gorsuch takes the welcome position of applying these inconvenient provisions. Trump vs. Obama: Who has the better record on the U.S. economy? If Charlie can own a liquor store in Tennessee, then I can. Gorsuch argued for localism versus globalism . I don’t like the law, but the US Constitution doesn’t prevent it. California's Rent Control Ballot Initiative Getting Crushed in New Poll, 11 Trillion Reasons To Fear Joe Biden's Presidency, 'This Building Has Caused More Problems Than It Solved', Illinois' Governor Begs Citizens To Let Government Tax Them Even More, Sacha Baron Cohen, Rudy Giuliani, and the Death of 'Disinformation' As a Useful Term. Meaning a judge’s job is to ignore Constitutional amendments? The law is intended to make sure liquor retailers are residents and not large retail chains like Total Wine. Contact the Editor at. They were convicted of the robberies and for brandishing a gun and given long prison terms. But not only is it not his job as a judge to change it, it’s his job as a judge not to change it. The battle was fought, oddly enough, in the case of Herman Gundy, a sex offender who served five years in prison in Maryland and then moved to New York in 2012. This shows they are quite different types of conservatives.”. Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh attend the State of the Union address on Feb. 5 in Washington. >>>come up with any logical fresh interpretation. But what I think you do have here that gives this a federal nexus is that this is a case of rights, privileges, or immunities withing a state. “A free society does not allow its government to try the same individual for the same crime until it’s happy with the result,” Gorsuch wrote in Gamble vs. United States. But on June 24, Gorsuch spoke for a 5-4 majority to overturn about half of 50-year prison terms given to Maurice Davis and Andre Glover of Texas for robbing four gas stations. After the “penal-tax” decision, I’m not sure the Court can disappoint me anymore. The 21st Amendment modifies the Constitution. A person of constitutionality, rather than feelings. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. That’s the very definition of protectionism. So they could get a license for a year (after 2 years of waiting), then could not legally renew that license for another 7 years. “Count me” with the lower-court judges who were skeptical, Gorsuch said. Another explanation for why Neil Gorsuch was the right choice for the Supreme Court was  his dedication to unbiased judgement of the law. Saying that, Gorsuch is probably the best a libertarian could hope for in a nominee. In the three years before COVID-19, the U.S. economy under Trump performed about the same as it did during the last three years of Obama’s presidency. Justice Neil Gorsuch got another opportunity to flex his libertarian muscle on Monday, authoring a 5–4 decision striking down a federal law that imposed harsher penalties on certain criminal defendants. In such, being bipartisan in connotation is the ability to cross partisan lines. Mr. Gorsuch said during a court case, “If a seventh grader starts trading fake burps for laughs in gym class, what’s a teacher to do? As for the majority's view that the Tennessee regulation served no valid public health or safety purpose, Gorsuch countered that the protectionist measure might well benefit the public by "raising prices, and thus reducing demand" for alcoholic beverages. Her instinct was right. With Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court on Tuesday, we’re getting exactly what President Trump promised — and that’s a good thing. It may or may not, but check out article 3, and as if that weren’t enough, amendment 14. “Vague statutes threaten to hand responsibility for defining crimes to relatively unaccountable police, prosecutors and judges, eroding the people’s ability to oversee the creation of the laws they are expected to abide,” said Gorsuch, who was joined by the court’s four liberals. After the president did, Republicans flocked to gain support for the Justice, but seemed to fall short with sheer numbers. He is the owner of an independent news company called UBC News and has been facilitating and expanding its content for over two years now. A new book shows how the Baltimore Police Department let dirty cops flourish right under its nose. “Walk for a moment in Michael Biestek’s shoes,” he wrote in a dissent in the construction worker’s case that was joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and in part by Justice Sonia Sotomayor. While he may not be the libertarian we want, and he may not be Judge Napolitano (though Napolitano gave him a strong stamp of approval, and actually helped Trump decide during the process), he was the best on the list. There’s certainly nothing surprising, or disappointing, about the two committed originalists on the Court rejecting it. But it’s compelled by the statute’s language, which does not ask juries to assess the facts of the crime at hand, but instead requires hypothesizing about some generic crime. The Commerce Clause gives Congress the power to pass laws regulating interstate commerce while the dormant Commerce Clause governs situations where Congress has not passed any applicable laws. Both Justices Scalia and Gorsuch share similarities of which are indisputable, but the outcome of their decisions compared to how they interpret cases are different, and for the betterment of the law. At issue was a state law imposing a two-year state residency requirement on all applicants seeking a license to operate a liquor store. And being a results oriented “maximal liberty”, regardless of Constitutional reasoning, isn’t a particularly principled position. “In our republic,” Gorsuch wrote, “a speculative possibility that a man’s conduct violated the law should never be enough to justify taking his liberty.”. But nurses face the highest risk of being hospitalized with the disease. The government thus wanted SCOTUS to avoid the law’s constitutional flaws by expanding the number of crimes it encompasses. I don’t think you can say the 21st Amerndment implies anything about the state’s granting of liquor licenses any more than you can say Congress’s lack of regulation in an area implies anything about the state’s power over commerce in it. What is the “nature” of a crime? * Jacob Tabb is a minarchist libertarian committed to ideals of Republicanism over Democracy, freedom to the utmost extent for all, and ending government corruption which prevents liberty in the forms of social and economic terms. Gorsuch is a proponent of originalism, the idea that the Constitution should be interpreted as perceived at the time of enactment, and of textualism, the idea that statutes should be interpreted literally, without considering the legislative history and underlying purpose of the law. Federalism isn’t a libertarian principle. The fact that it has been abused doesn’t mean it should never be used for its intended purpose. The law was that you had to be a resident for 2 years before applying for a liquor license, and that to renew said license (an annual thing), you had to be a resident for 10 years. Judge stops election day gun ban near Michigan polling sites. Gorsuch was standing up for the rule of law – a principle which, in constitutional interpretation, tends to favor liberty more often than not. When “we speak of the nature of an offense,” Gorsuch wrote, we’re talking about “what an offense normally … entails, not what happened to occur on one occasion.” Unfortunately for the government, this “obvious reading of the text” renders the law impermissibly vague, too blurry to give Americans notice of what conduct it might prohibit.

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