sherlock holmes full name

But he could be up all night (HOUN 2) and could be up very early for a case (BLAC, 36), during which he was vigorous and untiring (PRIO, YELL), going for days, or even a week without rest (MISS, REIG, TWIS). He said that a man should keep his little brain attic stocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and the rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library, where he can get it if he wants it (FIVE, 297). He forgived other personal vendettas (CHAS) and admitted he felt directly responsible for the death of Dr. Roylott (SPEC). In 1887, Holmes confessed he has been beaten four times: three times by men and once by a woman (FIVE, 48). If ever he had separated himself from the official force, it is because they have first separated themselves from me. He appears to know every detail of every horror perpetrated in the century. The state of his health was not a matter in which he himself took the faintest interest (DEVI, 9).

Watson described Holmes' knowledge (STUD, 237): Holmes said that breadth of view is one of the essentials of the detective profession, and the interplay of ideas and the oblique uses of knowledge are often of extraordinary interest (VALL, 1636).

See Hiatus (FINA, EMPT). (MAZA, 86), He had an abnormally acute set of senses.
(, Montague Street, London, before his meeting with Watson. And he could put himself in the place of one whose motives or actions he wished to trace (EMPT, FINA, MUSG, RETI, SIGN). He said: « My mind rebels at stagnation.

(BLAC, 10). Sometimes the chords were sonorous and melancholy.

All Rights Reserved. His studies were very desultory and eccentric, but he had amassed a lot of out-of-the-way knowledge which would have astonish his professors (STUD, 47). Without having a tinge of cruelty in his singular composition, Holmes was undoubtedly callous from long over-stimulation (VALL, 244). Holmes wrote about the science of deduction in the article "The Book of Life" (STUD, {refcanon|STUD|291}}) and he was willing to devote his declining years to the composition of a textbook which shall focus the whole art of detection into one volume (ABBE, 25). It seemed a certainty when first it flashed across my mind in the cell at Winchester, but one drawback of an active mind is that one can always conceive alternative explanations which would make our scent a false one (THOR, 638). He told the first rule of criminal investigation: "one should always look for a possible alternative and provide against it" (BLAC, 346). 1 Biography 1.1 Background 1.2 At Sherrinford 1.3 Series 4 2 Quotes 3 Trivia Eurus is the third child of Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. (SIGN). He could be openly contemptuous of his mental inferiors (BOSC, CARD, SIGN, STUD) and those of whom he disapproved (MAZA, THOR). Once retired in Sussex, he had given himself up entirely to that soothing life of Nature for which he had so often yearned during the long years spent amid the gloom of London. And as he loved above all things precision and concentration of thought, he resented anything which distracted his attention (SOLI, 10). He did not hesitate to use illegal methods in a morally justifiable cause (CHAS) and he often thought he could be a very effective criminal if he used his talents against the law (BRUC, CHAS, RETI, SIGN), which inspector Gregson admitted it was a luck that Holmes was he was on the side of the Force, and not against it (GREE, 382). His behaviour was most often particularly annoying to Watson (COPP, HOUN, MUSG, SIGN, VALL). Immense. He was sometimes rewarded well.

At first Arthur Conan Doyle named the detective as Sherrinford Holmes (not Sherringford as he wrongly mentioned in his auto-biography Memories and Adventures 40 years later) and the biographer Ormond Sacker (see manuscript in A … He is an English consulting detective living in London at 221b Baker Street. He valued a woman's instinct (LION, 213). The rest of me is a mere appendix. All references are sourced in parenthesis with abbreviation of the story title. He often insisted that people see but don't observe (SCAN, 53). He was remarkable for his easy courtesy (IDEN, 46). Just before the First World War was his last known case with the arrestation of the the Prussian spy Von Bork (LAST). Knowledge of Anatomy. (DYIN, 138). He never made exceptions as the exception disproves the rule (SIGN, 323). While retired, he was somewhat crippled by occasional attacks of rheumatism (PREF), but took up swimming (LION).

He had an extraordinary genius for minutiæ (SIGN, 87). Holmes wrote a monograph upon the polyphonic motets of Lassus which was printed for private circulation and was said by some experts to be the last word upon the subject (BRUC). If his emotions were dulled from long over-stimulation, his intellectual perceptions were exceedingly active (VALL, 244). (SCAN, 14). Oh, I bet you'd have never guessed it! (STUD, 93), He was always in training (SOLI, 286). To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices.
(, £1,000 for the return of the Blue Carbuncle. He would see no society, and did not want any friends, not even his own brother (FIVE, 73), and do not encourage visitors (FIVE, 18). Despite his disdain for notoriety (SIXN, 465), he gained considerable fame through Watson's writings (GREE, HOUN, NAVA, RETI, 3GAR, VALL, VEIL), and which benefited to Watson's fame as well (ILLU, VALL). (, £300 in gold, and £700 in notes from the KIng of Bohemia (, The house of Scandinavia and the French Republic have left him in such a position that he could continue to live in the quiet fashion which is most congenial to him. He should never marry himself, lest it bias his judgment. He was a fair runner (HOUN, 2185). Holmes smoked cigars, cigarettes, and of course, pipes.

Well up in belladonna, opium, and poisons generally. He had a tall, gaunt figure made even gaunter and taller by his long grey travelling-cloak and close-fitting cloth cap.

However, he could spend days in bed (3GAR, 8) and was a late riser as a rule (SPEC, 7). He yelled: «  'Data! That he could play pieces, and difficult pieces, I knew well, because at my request he has played me some of Mendelssohn's Lieder, and other favourites. So unworldly was he - or so capricious - that he frequently refused his help to the powerful and wealthy where the problem made no appeal to his sympathies, while he would devote weeks of most intense application to the affairs of some humble client whose case presented those strange and dramatic qualities which appealed to his imagination and challenged his ingenuity (BLAC, 3). But the quick inference, the subtle trap, the clever forecast of coming events, the triumphant vindication of bold theories - are these not the pride and the justification of our life's work?" He practised several sports: Baritsu (EMPT, 127), Boxing & Fencing (GLOR, 21), Singlestick (STUD, 262), Fishing (SHOS, 387), Golf (GREE, 5) and Swimming. So unworldly was he - or so capricious - that he frequently refused his help to the powerful and wealthy where the problem made no appeal to his sympathies, while he would devote weeks of most intense application to the affairs of some humble client whose case presented those strange and dramatic qualities which appealed to his imagination and challenged his ingenuity (BLAC, 4). If several explanations presented themselves, he tried test after test until one or other of them had a convincing amount of support (BLAN, 476). He had an addiction to music at strange hours (DYIN, 3). Early in 1891, Holmes and Moriarty fought at the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland. Sometimes he spent his day at the chemical laboratory, sometimes in the dissecting-rooms, and occasionally in long walks, which appeared to take him into the lowest portions of the city. In 'His Last Vow', Sherlock himself states that his full name is William Sherlock Scott Holmes. He affected a certain quiet primness of dress (MUSG, 1). I am a brain. (HOUN, 476). In private, he wear a mouse-coloured dressing-gown (EMPT, 399), a purple one (BLUE, 1) and sometimes a blue one (TWIS, 400). What was the full name of Sherlock Holmes? In the country, he had a tweed suit and cloth cap, he looked like any other tourist (HOUN, 2772), or a long grey travelling-cloak and close-fitting cloth cap (BOSC, 19), or his ear-flapped travelling-cap (SILV, 17).

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