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1158683) and a non-profit company (no. This amendment, crucially, aimed to replace clause 164 of the Bill. b)      Some current NHS units may close.

Will mental health patients now have equal rights to timely treatment? So when delegates came to choose their emergency motion to debate at Saturday lunchtime, the kill-the-bill tendency suffered a serious reverse. Preventative work often costs now to save even more later, but a consortium overspending because it is doing a lot of primary and secondary prevention will have its head forced out by the Department of Health / NHS bigwigs. Here it is in full also: 09.30 Emergency motion F19 Protecting our NHS: the Shirley Williams Motion 15 conference representatives Mover: Baroness Jolly…

Another asked why they could not call their kill-the-bill motion the St Francis of Assisi motion.

money. In effect, this means the trust's private income share is pegged to the share it registered in its first full financial year. So I hope Lib Dems will be brave. All comments and data you submit with them will be handled in line with the privacy and moderation policies.

The want to look at the ‘affordability’ of current entitlements like the bus pass There's never been more at stake. NHS foundation trusts must fulfil their principal purpose (the provision of goods and services for the health service in England).
Delaying work (e.g. The only way to introduce big changes like this is to do it quickly. Baroness Shirley Williams - who claimed to have protected the principle of an NHS 'free at the point of need' - today suggested we … What's the blanket media coverage not telling us?

You can read Shirley Williams’s article on the NHS Bill in full here. Shortly afterwards (though I am sure not as a result! All rights reserved. Even allowing for the fact that pressures on it increased, particularly from the elderly, we didn’t get anything like 90% increased outcomes. "It has been coalition in action – we have not had to call a single vote in the chamber, we have done the whole thing by negotiating with ministers," said Jolly. that it should be available free of charge and that it should be accessible to "I would not be standing here and I would not have stuck with the bill, if I believed for one moment it would undermine the NHS." Over the 13 years of the last Labour Government the amount spent on it in real terms went up by about 90%. Section 1 of the clause states: In section 43 of the National Health Service Act 2006 (authorised services), for subsections (1) and (2) substitute—, (1) The principal purpose of an NHS foundation trust is the provision of goods and services for the purposes of the health service in England, (2) The NHS foundation trust may provide goods and services for any purposes related to, (a) the provision of services provided to individuals for or in connection with the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness, and. The Lib Dem frontbench health team in the Lords – Lady Jolly, Lady Barker and Lord Clement Jones – felt passionately that they had worked successfully behind the scenes with the government over six months to change the bill. There is one piece of false information after another that has been fed into this debate. government of its complete commitment to the retention of the NHS.”. Full Fact, 2 Carlton Gardens, London, SW1Y 5AA.

", David Rendel, the former MP, told fellow delegates: "Don't let your goodwill towards Shirley come before your goodwill towards the doctors and nurses in the NHS."

Shirley Williams is former leader of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords and the only British member of the board of the Nuclear Threat Institute in Washington DC, What was the former PM really like to work with and against, to live with and to help dress? ", By the time Williams came to speak, it was clear her argument was being lost. But to protect those in need, parties of the centre and left must overcome their tribal differences, Amid all the tribalism and infighting is a collection of parties who believe in the same things, and can protect our most precious institutions and rights, It is vital to avoid the EU referendum result leaving an appalling legacy of division in the UK, The chancellor’s autumn statement must grant more money to our health service if it is to survive winter’s challenges. of people do actually have quite substantial pensions in addition to the state shirley has 1 job listed on their profile. If you submit this form, your data will be used in line with. So there is no nationwide 'cap' as such but a trust-specific cap that the trusts themselves cannot exceed. As a former MP explained, it is hard to exaggerate how difficult this issue is for some party activists – it goes to the core of what a Liberal Democrat believes it means to be a progressive.

The particular amendment to which Polly Toynbee was referring was Amendment 220A, moved by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, which states simply: "Page 159, leave out lines 36 to 40 [section 2A]".

introduction of charging. ( Log Out /  It meant a two hour wait before she was seen to. Nick Clegg isolated after party splits on health and tax, Nick Clegg: 'I am as much of a radical as ever' - video, Lib Dem conference: Nick Clegg brushes aside NHS bill woes, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable split on tycoon tax, Shirley Williams attacks critics over health bill at Lib Dem conference, A coalition breakdown may come sooner than we think, voting not to support giving the health bill a third reading, persuaded delegates last spring in Sheffield, furious at the way in which the bill was being traduced by its opponents, Polly Toynbee had put tribalism ahead of the truth.
It is, however, figuratively implied in clause 163, section 1, part 2A. Required fields are marked *, Sign up to get Lib Dem Newswire (privacy policy link below). Bad information ruins lives. In fact we have a National Illness Service with vast amounts being spent on getting people better when more lives could be saved and more life satisfaction given if we concentrated on stopping people getting ill in the first place! entitlement to free prescriptions, though Cameron ally Nick Boles MP floated the idea last year. A show of hands showed no clear result, but once a card vote was taken the result was overwhelming. Even as the contested Section 75 Privacy, terms and conditions.

to the next financial year, as is currently happening in many places) will cost more in the long run. The passage calling on Liberal Democrat peers to support the third reading of the bill was deleted by 314 to 270. John Pugh, the Liberal Democrat MP, spelt out what he felt was at stake for his party and the NHS: "David Cameron says he is prepared to take a hit to get this through, but all the polling shows that we will also take a hit and possibly a bigger hit.

It is good to see the conference daily on the web these days. The NHS in my view needs massive reform. for prescriptions for older people, with appropriate exemptions. The longer claims like these go unchecked, the more they are repeated and believed. It is with some trepidation that I venture in my first Blog for March to take on two venerable British Institutions – Shirley Williams and the NHS. Can one of England’s most redoubtable peers rid the NHS bill of some of its more toxic aspects? Any such proposals would be likely to be extremely

Will his move succeed? This amendment was agreed to on Thursday. RT @markpack Shirley Williams: how to sort out the NHS Bill mess — ##, RT @markpack Shirley Williams: how to sort out the NHS Bill mess — ##, RT @markpack Shirley Williams: how to sort out the NHS Bill mess — ##, RT @markpack Shirley Williams: how to sort out the NHS Bill mess — ##, Your email address will not be published. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

Somewhere where they would be the focus of attention for at least a few minutes. Building on the all-party constitutional agreement reached in the Lords would do more: it would give the NHS the stability and confidence it so desperately needs. Please check individual images for licensing details. She can be the personification of charm, but she is also schooled in years of 1980s infighting, and knows how to wage political war. Sun 11 Mar 2012 18.23 GMT

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