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Kara’s Uncle’s museum, full of taxidermy, oddities, and religious paraphernalia, may seem weird to others, but to her, it’s like home, and literally will be for the foreseeable future after her divorce. It’s 2008, and Parker, the narrator of DeWitt’s crisp and creepy debut, is moved to blog about his experience treating Joe, an institutionalized young man with a terrifying ability to exploit others’ worst fears. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I have struggled with self-loathing my entire life, and I noticed that whenever someone said something cruel about me, no matter how unfair, I found myself believing it. Readers’ questions about The Patient. Hi Jasper! I have struggled with self-loathing my entire life, and I noticed that whenever someone said something cruel about me, no matter how unfair, I found myself believing it. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. It’s a day that every author dreams of. Well, as I said, my struggles with self-loathing inspired the titular character, and yeah, there were definitely elements beyond that which take inspiration from my personal life. Was that an inspiration for this work? He almos... Read More. I had a good sense of what was wrong with Joe from very early on and yet couldn’t stop myself from reading. Every mental hospital has that one odd, interesting case, and at the nameless New England hospital where Parker works, that patient is Joe, who has been there for over 30 years with no official diagnosis. I had expected this to be a psychological suspense novel but I was wrong in that it is more of a horror story. From there, I reverse engineered the rest of the story around that simple idea. His debut novel, ... Well, as the title might suggest, it started with the concept for the “Patient” himself. Be sure to gray your copy of The Patient today! Usually you get a literary agent, then a publisher, and then if you’re lucky your story gets Hollywood interest. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. With a close cast of catchy, quirky characters, and a strong narrative voice from page one, The Hollow Places is equal parts sarcastic humor and unnerving horror. As far as Parker, the actor who’s always been in the back of my mind has been John Boyega: he can play that combination of empathy and having a chip on his shoulder for being underestimated extremely well. For instance, the story is set around the area where I went to college, and the hospital where it takes place is based on a real (though as far as I know, not supernatural) mental hospital in that area. Told through a series of online forum posts (similarly to the serialized way the novel was originally published on Reddit Nosleep), Parker’s story unfolds at his own hand. On. Speaking about your journey as an author, how was the experience in getting your first novel published? At a certain point, it occurred to me that … Ask and answer questions about books! [ Welcome back. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. An interesting way to create a ‘true-story’ feeling, the novelized version hovers a bit oddly between seeming too descriptive and lengthy in each section to be real forum posts and too short for a normal novel. But when Parker finally meets Joe, the encounter is nothing like he had expected…. But really, I’ll defer to the producers on the question of who should direct — they’ll know how to judge that better than me. His debut novel, The Patient, has just hit shelves, and it’s already received heaps of praise from readers and reviewers. The sheer suspense built in this novel and the exciting drama of it all spurs the story forward even when it becomes classic-horror-story predictable at times, and is certainly worth the few hours it takes to read in order to experience the ride. Well, as directors go, Andy and Barbara Muschietti.

"Power Corrupts" In this horrifying story of Washingtonian corruption, a young Congressional intern discovers the soul crushing … Sam is familiar with the weirdness of Wakefield, the swamp waiting to suck you down into its depths forever in the backyard, the labyrinth of rooms built by her mad ancestors,  ghosts appearing in the halls to relive bygone days, and the locked room at the end of the upstairs hall that has called to her since she was a little girl.

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