thales mathematician biography

He looked into the reasons for humanity’s existence and tried to do so without seeking answers in Zeus or the other gods of antiquity. Thales is known as the first Greek philosopher, mathematician and scientist. He is remembered primarily for his cosmology based on water as the essence of all matter, with Earth a flat disk floating on a vast sea. Even Aristotle regarded him as the first philosopher in Greek tradition. He championed scientific inquiry. He began transforming mathematics from a practical field of study to one that could be explored without worrying about practical applications. He entered life steeped in a culture defined by ancient mythologies. He is commonly known as Thales of Miletus as he belonged to Miletus in Asian region. While known mostly as a mathematician, Thales was also a philosopher in his own right. He was the founder of the Ionian school of philosophy in Miletus, and the teacher of Anaximander.
Thales unveiled an era not only in world of science but also in philosophy that’s why he has been dubbed as “father of science”.

Thales Mathematician & Philosopher Specialty Ethics, metaphysics, mathematics, astronomy Born c. 624 BC Died c. 547–546 BC Nationality Greek Thales was born more than 600 years before the birth of Christ. Instead, Thales aimed to explain natural phenomena via rational hypotheses that referenced natural processes themselves.

The early philosophers used mythology to explain worldly phenomena but Thales was the first […] Within his philosophical musings, he was the first to truly flesh out the notion of examining things from the perspective of general principles and more rational, tight-knit hypotheses. He tried to avoid looking at mythology for answers to the origins of the natural world. But it is Thales who is said to be among the first to Back in Miletus, he built on what he had learned and was the first person to use deductive logic in mathematics, producing new results in geometry. Check out this biography to know about his childhood, family life, achievements and fun facts about him He established for the first time that mathematical theorems require proof before they are accepted as true.

As with astronomy, Thales learned about mathematics in Egypt and possibly Babylon.
Thales of Miletus, philosopher renowned as one of the legendary Seven Wise Men, or Sophoi, of antiquity. Biography Thales of Miletus was the son of Examyes and Cleobuline. His parents are said by some to be from Miletus but others report that they were Phoenicians. Furthermore, he was the first scholarly figure in the Western world to be involved in scientific philosophy. He is also acclaimed to be one of seven Greek sages that left invincible impact upon philosophy and other sciences. J Longrigg writes in [1]:- But the majority opinion considered him a true Milesian by descent, and of a distinguished family. Learn more about Thales of Miletus in this article. For example, rather than assuming that earthquakes were the result of supernatural whims, Thales explained them by hypothesizing that the Earthfloats on water and that earthquakes occur when the Earth is rocke…

Hence Thales took great leap… …

Early Greeks, and other civilizations before them, often invoked idiosyncratic explanations of natural phenomena with reference to the will of anthropomorphic gods and heroes. Thales, a Greek mathematicianand philosopher lived in Pre-Socratic times around 620-625 BC. Thales of Miletus was an illustrious pre-Socratic Greek mathematician, astronomer and a philosopher. He founded the geometry of lines, so is given credit for introducing abstract geometry. Thales, better known as Thales of Miletus, was an ancient Greek philosopher, mathematician, astronomer and businessman.

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