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Affiliation If Merlin noticed the lack of energy that Douxie had his second week in, misjudging how long it would take to clean up certain spells, he said nothing. !ZoeToby DomzalskiKrel TarronAja Tarron “The child has about the same capacity of reading and writing as he does evil; none.” Merlin stares Arthur down.

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Tumblr Anon: Hi um can I request a fic where Douxie is on a late night monster hunt and it's a little harder than expected so once he defeats the monster, he's super bruised and hurt and exhausted so he stumbles home and Zoe helps him and comforts him?

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Hisirdoux Casperan Nine centuries later, Douxie has become a charming, honorable, well-meaning, and hard-working apprentice who still wishes to prove himself worthy enough of becoming a master wizard, dreaming of one day wielding his own staff to protect the good of the universe.

Full name The staff can cast powerful spells, both offensive and defensive. Age Friends/Allies Douxie's staff appears to be a black metal staff with a large electric blue gemstone embedded at the top. Student of Arcadia Oaks Academy (graduated)Employee of GDT Arcane Books (formerly)Waiter of Benoit's French Bistro (formerly)Guitarist of Ash Dispersal PatternSorcerer User(s)

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“And don’t-“ Merlin would say, knowing Douxie would object.

“You will teach him to be useful or else he will be put to use my way-in the ground.”. Voiced by He implies in ", It's also unknown if Douxie's powers were inherited and his magical heritage manifested at a certain age (like, Douxie is one of the only main heroes of the franchise who currently doesn't have a love interest, the others being.

Rock music, playing his guitar, learning magic Despite his overdetermination, he genuinely wants to set things right and help his friends out of trouble, because (according to Merlin) he believes that all life is precious to the world, including those closest to him, like Claire, Steve, and Jim.

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He wanted to keep Merlin's staff as a keepsake, yet in order to save his new family (his friends), he must learn to let his master go and save everyone on his own terms, so he finally accepts his loss.

MagicCombat Douxie travels to the New World after the 30 years War begins in Europe.

These pulses can also be used as restraining ropes. When The Wizard’s Tales of Arcadia was reported, it was around that time when it came to a miniseries. Arcadia Oaks-pedia is a FANDOM TV Community.

https://talesofarcadia.fandom.com/wiki/Douxie%27s_Staff?oldid=53221, The staff's round blue stone looks similar to the one that was on the. Weapon(s) …

Hisirdoux’s story is a long, painful one and to understand where he is now, let us start from the beginning. “As does Morgana!” Merlin shifts his eyes to the woman, her face empty but anger grows behind her eyes as she looks at Arthur. “How do you think your people would act knowing you executed a child.” Merlin spits. Hisirdoux "Douxie" Casperan is one of the main stars in the Tales of Arcadia franchise, serving as the main protagonist of Wizards, a minor character in Part Three of Trollhunters (major in its upcoming film, Rise of the Titans), and a minor character in Part Two of 3Below. In his medieval Camelot attire, Douxie wears a long-sleeved blue tunic rolled up to the elbows with a hooded dark brown leather vest over it. GoodMerlinGuardians of Arcadia Arthur sighs, sitting back down.

He is a wizard-in-training (now master) who worked as Merlin's apprentice, co-leader of the Guardians of Arcadia (alongside Jim), a graduate student of Arcadia Oaks Academy, a former employee of GDT Arcane Books and Benoit's French Bistro, and best friends with Claire Nuñez, Steve Palchuk, and Jim Lake Jr. Douxie is tall and has fluffy black hair with indigo streaks (which, in the past, he wore in a top knot bun, and he regretted it immensely in the future).

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