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BlackBerry smartphone and … Yara provides not only crop nutrition, but also solutions and tools for modern farming.

Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! CheckIT is a smartphone app using a library of crop photographs to give a simple and fast identification of nutrient deficiencies. Download THE APP. One of these services, Megalab, is an internet-based, secure system offering interpretation and biometric data services from agricultural analysis. Select a city. Yara combines the best from both worlds by offering digital solutions that allow resources to be used more efficiently, while maintaining or increasing yields and decreasing harm to the environment. Yara Farm Weather could be the best fit if you'r..., Other Services Jaipur. The N-Tester is a hand-held device that measures the nitrogen status of a crop from the chlorophyll content of its leaves. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Yara, Haryana, India.

Adapt-N provides in-season nitrogen recommendations that optimize farmer yield while minimizing the environmental impact of nitrogen loss, by simulating farm practices, crop types, and soil characteristics in the context of real time and historical local weather. Get the free WeatherFarm App now on the iTunes AppStore or Google play store. powered by. Introduce yourself – who you are, what you do, and where you are. The Yara Water Solution enables farmers to irrigate on-demand and to save up to 20% of water.

Why settle for just one location? Trecker is a farm management software that enables farmers to put an end to the paperwork associated with legal documentation. Download FarmWeather now for free and create your farm-focused weather forecast on your Android device. Visit our Digital Farming section. App features include current conditions, daily and hourly forecasts, radar, weather alerts plus other features and more coming soon. Know your field. Atfarm uses the N-Sensor algorithm to analyze satellite images and optimize the nitrogen fertilization. Search. Farmzone.com provides weather and weather-related information for farm zones across Canada. Ensure your activities are backed-up by a weather app you can rely on. Mesonet. FarmWeather creates a forecast accurate to your farm, which helps support your farm activities with reliable weather insights. Farmers await better offers after NCPB's prices drop from Sh3,200 to Sh2,600-Sh2,800. Yara also offers a range of programs and smartphone apps to assist fertilizer management and maximize crop performance. Login Register. This is an example of an about page. The farmer takes pictures of the crops or works with one of the 4 generations of the N-Tester to get an N-recommendation. Have the best schedule. Use your phone's location to find your farm’s exact location. The tools give farmers a means of fine-tuning application rates according to local conditions, allowing for more effective use of crop nutrients, as well as lower costs and minimum adverse effects on the environment. Our Crop Nutrition Concept is center stage in our knowledge platform, supported by tools for precision farming. Farm Water advisor now also available for your Computer. Buy Sell. No review found in last month for this app. No historical ranking data available for the given options. From past and future rainfall to wind speed, humidity, and temperature, all the insights you need are available in just a few clicks. See how likely it is to rain at your farm and share in-app alerts about expected rainfall over the next week with your community. See category ranking history, ad creatives, keyword rankings & reviews of FarmWeather - Your farm, your weather app on Play Store. Yara International ASADrammensveien 131 0277 Oslo - NorwayTel:+47 24 15 70 00Visit our Contact us page.

TankmixIT is a smartphone app used to check for the physical compatibility when tank mixing Yara crop nutrition products with plant protection products. Our Analytical Services analyses soil, tissue and water samples from all over the world. Exhaust Gas Treatment for Industrial Plants, Exhaust Gas Treatment for Maritime Vessels. Other Services Jaipur, Build weather forecasting and analysis apps for Android and iOS mobile. This solution forms part of the Farm Management System offered by Yara. The YaraVita foliar products are rarely sprayed alone, and therefore our unique tank mix service provides users with valuable information.

Yara also offers a range of programs and smartphone apps to assist fertilizer management and maximize crop performance. The N-Sensor is a tractor-mounted tool that allows growers to measure a crop’s nitrogen requirement as it passes across the field, and to vary the fertilizer application rate accordingly. Know when it will rain! Tankmix.com is an online service providing advice on the physical mixing characteristics of Yara’s foliar products with agrochemicals. It ensures that the optimal rate of fertilizer is applied at each individual part of the field. Every single recorded information is gathered in an online platform where they are properly documented and accurately analyzed, so farmers can save time and make data-driven business decisions. The WeatherFarm Mobile App provides you with clear and comprehensive weather information that is essential to your farm operation, wherever you may be. [email protected], Both levels of government should assess the situation of rural farmers, avail affordable seeds, Vulnerable groups to be given first priority, farmers to be taught modern agricultural techniques. Could not get search results, please try again or contact us! Private Bussines. This is not your average weather app. Review breakdown is not available in last two weeks, Top 10 Games Worldwide for September 2020, How Agencies can Find Quality Leads & Better UA Strategies, How Ad Networks Can Find High-Quality Leads, Top 10 Education Apps Worldwide for August 2020.

2. Unlike posts, pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your About or Contact information. Our app solutions include: ImageIT is an app that determines the nitrogen status of a crop from images taken with a standard smartphone. A key concern is that too much nutrient – more than the plants can take up – is wasting money and harming nature. Join over 1+ million farmers who use FarmWeather to view forecasts for multiple locations, from other farms to your local marketplace. We use a range of data including field-specific weather, soil and irrigation system information to recommend the best schedule for maximum yield.

Some of our precision farming tools include: Atfarm is the digital solution for crop monitoring and creating variable-rate application maps. This app is available for purchase on Apple ($1.99) and Android ($2.99) devices. When a sample is entered into the system, a comparison is made with the guideline level and an interpretation and recommendation is given. Yara also offers a range of analytical services to ensure that all crop nutrition decisions are accurate, efficient, cost-effective and responsible. 3,913 Ads 234,814 Views. AgroOffice is an integrated farm management solution that enables many customers, with hectares ranging from 200 to 150 000, to achieve higher control of all agronomical processes, efficiency improvement, and simplified land and contracts management. Select a category. Each Farmzone is unique and has specific information about your farming area. 3. You are about to leave yara.com and enter: Modern agriculture is based on scientific knowledge, but farmers also need improved management practices. Our app solutions include: Search term.

The tools give farmers a means of fine-tuning application rates according to local conditions, allowing for more effective use of crop nutrients, as well as lower costs and minimum adverse effects on the environment. Newest additions are the N-Tester Clip and N-Tester BT. Based on the measurements, an agronomist can evaluate the nitrogen needed to meet target yields, and adjust fertilizer use accordingly. Farmers will be able to predict weather more accurately and in real-time within 4km radius using a new app. New app to give farmers real time weather updates, Yara has reached out to the Central Economic Bloc for a partnership in setting up soil testing and knowledge exchange centres to boost agricultural productivity, Yara East Africa limited country manager William Ngeno (right) and Fred Nyambare in charge of digital farming explain to Agriculture CECs (left to right) Albert Mwaniki (Murang'a), Caroh Mutiga (Meru) and Jackline Njogu (Kirinyaga) how to access farm weather app on their phones at the mountain Breeze hotel in Embu on August 9, STAR COMMUNITY POLICY AND PARTICIPATION GUIDELINES.

YaraIrix is an app that supports farmers in determining the exact nitrogen need of their crops. Yara’s mantra in fertilizer application is to add the specific nutrients needed for the crop, in exactly the right amount, at the right time. My wish list My ads. Why you will love FarmWeather: 1. In simple steps, users can create an application map, adapt it and export it to their fertilization terminal or to the mobile app. Interested to know how we develop the tools of the future? Oklahoma farmers and ranchers swear by this free weather app, which focuses on the Sooner State. We offer farmers our comprehensive knowledge, which is tailored to local growing conditions and specific crops. Via a smartphone app farmers document what happens on their fields. FarmWeather simplifies complex daily weather information into a clear and simple forecast.

Contact us for our desktop friendly web enterprise solution for managing many farms, ranches and fields . Want to save money and resources, or simply avoid getting caught in the rain on your way to the farm (again)?

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