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Jean Castex, the conservative mayor of the small southern town of Prades, succeeded Édouard Philippe, also a conservative. Philippe saw his popularity increase in recent weeks, according to French polling agencies, showing that the French public feels he did a good job during the lockdown, including pushing for an emergency package to support the French economy. Under the pretext that there was a religious heresy (the Cathars) running rampant in the South, some northern nobles received the blessing of the Pope to mount an army and head South where they proceeded to slaughter thousands of suspected heretics in Game-of-Thrones style.
Priorities must evolve, methods must change.”. The president’s approval rating was 44 per cent, according to a poll last week, while Mr Philippe’s jumped 13 points since the outbreak of Covid-19 to 51 per cent.
US election polls tracker: Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential race? On a personal note, she said she understands conversations in Occitan, but does not speak it fluently.

For many centuries, the Southwest was dominated by the Occitan culture and language. “The health crisis is unfortunately not over ... and the economic and social crisis is already there,” Castex said during the handover ceremony putting him in office. The president and Mr Philippe had disagreed over France’s reopening, with the prime minister reluctant to lift the lockdown as speedily as Mr Macron wanted. This has also secured him a dignified landing point. However, ousting Mr Philippe, one of the most popular members of his government, is a big gamble for the unpopular president. AFTER WEEKS of speculation, President Emmanuel Macron has named Jean Castex as France’s new prime minister, replacing Edouard Philippe. This is about 7 points higher than before the virus crisis. “You will know how to face decisions that are sometimes difficult, and make the right decisions,” Philippe told Castex. Northerners, particularly Parisians, tend to run their words together, one of the reasons learning French for anglophones is so challenging. At a ceremonial handover of power, both Philippe and Castex had very warm words to say about one another.

The replacement of Philippe with Castex is “about strategy, about Macron trying to exert his influence”, said Andrew Smith, a professor of French politics at the University of Chichester.

The inquiry, in response to legal complaints filed by members of the public, is expected to be lengthy. Often, people with these Southwestern accents still pronounce many consonants at the end of words and also do so with a bit of a nasal sound.

President François Hollande, in an effort to shift some power away from Paris, announced that the French government would fuse regional governments to create fewer but larger administrative zones. US election: 70m Americans have voted by post, more than half the 2016 turnout, Hackers target Donald Trump's campaign website, Child abuse claims no bar to Lord Janner's peerage, says Tony Blair, Trans people would not need medical diagnosis to change gender under proposals to be examined by MPs, Mr Macron promised to prioritise the fight against climate change. He also held elected office in the Pyrenees-Orientales region, near the Spanish border. After she resigned to run for president of the new region, the Paris-based Liberation newspaper interviewed her and couldn’t help but remark upon her “pronounced” accent.

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